My android Posh Titan HD screen keeps turning on.Support

  1. Wunray

    Wunray New Member

    As stated my phone screen keeps turning on by itself. Now here's the weird part about it (also running ver 4.4.2) this doesn't happen when I am at home, or when on the road, but when I connect to my work place's wifi this problem occurs. When I turn on airplane mode the problem stops, at home I can have the wifi on and no such problem occurs. Any ideas what may be the problem may be?

  2. steelkitten

    steelkitten New Member

    Mine is constantly trying to connect to the network where I work and is always sending me a notification that one is available.

    Anytime a notification comes in, the screen lights up.

    The connection at your work might be unstable so it keeps swapping between your carrier network and your work network, notifying you each time the work network becomes available.
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