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  1. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    hi friends i am using mmx A75 i saw all thread.Can u make video for root the mobile and OLD driver backup? I am n00b of android Plz help me friends :):(

  2. svkroy

    svkroy Well-Known Member

    Rooting video here: http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/502084-working-how-root-micromax-a75-3.html

    Thanks to "545himanshu" for this.

    how to root micromax a75 superfone lite - YouTube

    I did not take any backup before rooting, however maybe others would be able to advise you on this. Btw, what old drivers are you trying to backup ?

    Android (2.3.4) is one of the best available today, and i think the hardware and the default configuration of Micromax that makes you sad. Root it and get rid of all that unnecessary crap, your phone will be much faster and smoother and then you will feel that its a value for money.
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  3. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Hi frnd thnkx for reply i downloaded all below root tool except this what all are need for flashing and can i change the lock screen of my phone and upgrade to ICS ? :confused:help me pplz :(
  4. svkroy

    svkroy Well-Known Member

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