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My AT&T HTC One X won't updateSupport

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  1. Kilgore Trout

    Kilgore Trout Active Member

    I'm feeling kind of dumb making this post, but I'm having an issue updating my One X. I had just went in to setting and clicked on "AT&T Software Update". It said there was a new update available and it would start downloading it. Shortly afterwards I got a message about the update (I think asking me to confirm the update), but at the exact same time I got a text message and accidentally clicked off of the update message. Now I don't know how to bring it back. When I try to click on AT&T Software Update now, absolutely nothing happens. I've tried restarting the phone, but still nothing changes. I feel like I'm most likely being really stupid, but does anyone know why it went away like that and why I can't get it back, and if there is anything to do to get it to update? The WIFI has been a huge problem for me and I was really excited for this update. Any help would be great.

  2. HouseFan13

    HouseFan13 Active Member

    I'm thinking maybe it was just a quick update and it finished shortly after you clicked on your text message, but Did anything pop up on your notifications bar at the very top saying the update or download finished?
  3. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    Restart your phone it you will get the message again. It is a big update that is supposed to help signal and wi-fi issues. I ended up doing a factory data reset to get mine to instal.
  4. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    if restarting the phone doesn't help you can try setting the date ahead by a day or two. then heading into the AT&T software update menu. from there the update message SHOULD pop up.

    i was having the same problem as you were. but i rebooted my phone, changed the date to the 10th and went into the software update menu. before i could press "Check for Update" the message came up and i proceeded to update.

    also the download may get hung up on verifying the update. so if this happens go into the downloads folder and delete the "system update" file; which should be about 64mbs. then re-do the instructions above starting with the reboot.
  5. Rockinfigs

    Rockinfigs Well-Known Member

    my phone did the exact same thing..what i did was what was suggested..i put the date ahead that didnt work so i put date back that didnt work..when i put date back to current date i rechecked check update and it gave me the notification again and began downloading and it finally installed..
  6. trojan81

    trojan81 New Member

    Hi, I am new to Android. My device isnt getting the pushed OTA update and even when I manually try to select it, I get nothing. Any suggestions???
  7. rdsaicam

    rdsaicam New Member

    this is the same thing i have been getting also.. first of all once u got the update notification try to update it..if it wont go through, try check for updates again.. and i know it might not let u check it again even after pressing the button so just restart ur phone.. shutting down wont help just restart it..

    then go check for updates again and MAKE SURE U ARE ALREADY CONNECTED TO WIFI... if check for updates work and tells u to check again after 24 hours, just go to DATE AND TIME, manually change it 1 DAY AHEAD.. then restart it and check for update again.. go for it after that..

    that is exactly what i have been getting for the past 2 days.. so i hope it will help..

  8. Kilgore Trout

    Kilgore Trout Active Member

    Sorry for taking so long to respond to my own thread. Thank you everybody for all of your suggestions. I'm still having no luck though. I've restarted my phone many times, I've manually changed the date, I've checked to see if there was anything downloaded in my download folder, but haven't found anything. I've done everything that was suggested multiple times, but still nothing has changed. Whenever I click on "AT&T software update", absolutely nothing happens. It's really getting frustrating.

    I should note though that shortly after my phone finishes booting up after restarting it, I get a message that says "HtcDm" has stopped working. Now I don't know what this is, and am not positive it is even related to this, but it seems obvious that it must be. So maybe has anybody else that was also still having problems found anything out? I'm getting so mad at HTC right now. This is one of those really important things that you really need to have working exactly the way it needs to be. Between this and so many other things, I'm wondering how much they actually care about testing their phones before putting them up for sale.
  9. Digital Legend

    Digital Legend Well-Known Member

    same problem.....My phone told me 2 days ago it completed a download of a software update but nothing has changed version wise, all it did was download and say download complete. I also cannot in any fashion check for updates. when i press the button to check nothing happens.......
  10. BCDC

    BCDC New Member

    I was having problems updating as well. I updated my wife's phone no problem. But my phone would not update. I set the date forward as suggested and I finally downloaded the System Update file. However, although the file downloaded, it did not automatically update the phone as it did on my wife's phone. I went into the download folder, selected the System Update file, and then pressed Extract All. I then shut down my phone and restarted it. That seemed to succesfully update the phone. I say that because after I updated my wife's phone, I noticed that the information at the top of the phone had smaller text -- e.g., time, battery indicator, AT&T text, signal strength, and 4g indicator. After I extracted the files and restarted my phone, the same text/information on my phone became smaller. Also, the update appears to have fixed a problem we were both having on our phones .....a failure of the phone to maintain a connection with the AT&T network.

    Can anyone think of any problems with the way I updated my phone?
  11. SteveL46

    SteveL46 Active Member

    I keep getting "Unfortunately, HTCDM has stopped working" anytime I try to update.
  12. Shrim

    Shrim Member

    This is also what I had to do, set it ahead, restart, set it back to normal and check again. It has downloaded and is installing now.
  13. Digital Legend

    Digital Legend Well-Known Member

    Still no luck....I have tried everything except factory reset and it will not install the downloaded update......
  14. Digital Legend

    Digital Legend Well-Known Member

    This is ridiculous. Every couple minutes I get the download indicator in the status bar. when I open it and look it says download complete. When I click on it it shows a window with download complete and size of the download. I click OK and it disappears replaced with a window saying verifying update package with a spinning circle and an "OK" button. If I click the OK button it disappears and nothing happens and a couple minutes later I get the download indicator in the status bar and off we go again. If I don't click OK & just let it sit there it does nothing more, just sits and spins verifying the update package. It seems it will stay that way forever because I have let it sit like that for 5 hours with nothing happening.
    For whatever reason, the download is complete and just will not install the update.......
  15. Enron II

    Enron II New Member

    I had the same problem as several of you in that the download button did nothing and I would get the message that 'Unfortunately, HtcDm has stopped working". Even went to the AT&T store for help - they had never even heard about the issue and I knew way more than any of them about possible fixes.

    I finally found a clue on a developer forum: Type in *#*#checkin#*#* on the dialer keypad (do not press the call button). I received a 'checked in' message. I then hit the 'check for updates' button. Then I changed my date one day ahead. The download started and I completed the upgrade with no problems. I am not entirely sure that changing the date added to the fix since the downloading message popped up so quick after changing it.

    More about *#*#checkin#*#* here: http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/38801-checkin.html
  16. Digital Legend

    Digital Legend Well-Known Member

    Still not installing the update..........just keeps showing up in status bar as having been downloaded
  17. Digital Legend

    Digital Legend Well-Known Member

    been a couple weeks now, dozens of times throughout the day I see in the status bar Update dowbloaded, but the phone will not install the update. If anyone knows how to kick start the install I would appreciate hearing about it....... (anything other than a factory reset that is)
  18. ablais007

    ablais007 New Member

    Hi everyone....
    I figured it out.. It worked on mine. After the download, it did nothing. I tried the date trick, no go.
    I went into settings, about,updates.
    Click check now.

    The update ran....

  19. Jus4fun

    Jus4fun New Member

    In St. Louis, MO. /// my HTC One X won't upgrade to 4.1.2 /// I tried changing date, and *#*#checkin#*#* /// is there something else I can try
  20. AnthonyD5

    AnthonyD5 New Member

    Sorry - I didn't read the subject properly - "AT & T", but this was my post if still applicable:
    My HTC One X is an international unlocked version purchased through kogan and using Australia Optus network via Amaysim sim. I started the update earlt this morning - it was taking ages and I went to sleep with an unusual large icon on the screen of a screen with a circular arrow. When I woke up this morning and started the phone up it did a bit more updating, and since then there has been no service and ni Wi Fi. I can't turn Airplane mode off - it seems to be stuck trying to turn off. I actually did not turn Airplane mode on. Also on the WiFi System Setting it says error.
    I have done a factory reset - made no difference.
    The current software is:
    Android 4.1.1
    Software no 3.19.709.2
    htc sdk api level 4.63

    Any ideas?

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