My attain won't stay on for the life of me.Support

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  1. Ashman319

    Ashman319 New Member

    So yea I've had my attain for about 7 months now no real big problems except for as of late. My phone started just randomly shutting off, either in the middle of an app or when it went to the lock screen from a timeout. I thought nothing of it until it started getting worse, not staying on for even a minute or just shutting off again somewhere in the start-up screens. I re-installed my root and it worked a little better for a moment, fixed my 4g settings somehow (finally) then went right back to the no-go status. Well then I tried a factory reset and it won't even load past the metropcs logo... What to do? I plan on taking it to a store within a few days but if there's something I can do I'll take it :eek:

  2. opshon

    opshon Member

    Try installing the new update. It improved alot of stuff.
  3. Ashman319

    Ashman319 New Member

    I did a factory reset (about 4 times since it wouldn't even try to boot the 3 times before) then it worked okay for about 2 hours then started doing it. I have noticed it won't load at all if I try right after it dies but if I wait longer it seems to progress better and take longer to die to what I hope means my battery either overheats or is just absolute garbage, or something else may be overheating or barely connected in the top half of my phone (antenna again I hope) And yes after the reset it automatically made me update doesn't really help other than I can now get all my 4g crap
  4. bonez2369

    bonez2369 Member

    Where does one get an update??
  5. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

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