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My Behold 2 keeps auto playing music...Support

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  1. Brian7610

    Brian7610 Member

    Hi, new guy here. i recently discovered this forum from my brother and have been obsessed with these android mcbobbers. i currently have the Samsung Behold 2 and replaced it from an Iphone 3gs since i moved from AT&T to T-Mobile, ever since we didn't get the 2.1 update i got very pissed.

    i have a problem with this phone, for some reason everytime i plug my earphone into the phone any music player i have starts auto playing. i press pause and after 5-7 seconds, it starts again. when i plug the mic off, it stops. has anyone ever had a problem like this? HELP!!!

    is it because of the specific earphones im using?

  2. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

    hav u downloaded any other music player from the market or its just the default music player u r using???
  3. Brian7610

    Brian7610 Member

    Sorry for late reply. And it seems for both, I download "kiss music player" and it happens to both the default music player and the kiss one. I tried using 3 others and same results. If you need to ask questions, please do. This problem is getting annoying.
  4. cyrax.thehot

    cyrax.thehot Active Member

    r u using the stock behold 2 rom or u r using any other custom roms???
    better mail me...if u hav any queries cyrax.thehot@gmail.com

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