My Boost LG Marquee is stuck after I updated.Support

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  1. pinkclaydoh

    pinkclaydoh New Member

    Hello. I just rooted my Boost phone, and all was well until I did a device update. Now I am stuck at the install screen?(Like this white box with an orange arrow pointing to a little android guy.) No luck resetting it, it wont boot into recovery just keeps going to that screen. The buttons keep flashing to show that it is not frozen, but it's been hours and the progress bar has not moved. My first android phone and I think I broke it haha. :( EDIT: I do realize it was dumb of me to update it after i rooted it, but it still should have updated normally, just undone the root?

  2. Tristanguy28

    Tristanguy28 Active Member

    I'm still stuck at the same spot myself..... Anybody?

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