My boy gba emulator ongoing application help.

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  1. Freelum

    Freelum New Member

    I recently got the Sprint s4 and I play a lot of emulators but I'm having an issue keeping the app open as an ongoing application in my notification bar. Coming from my sii I could push the home button and do as I pleased while the app remained active in my ongoing applications in my notification bar. Now every time I back out of "My Boy" it completely closes the application forcing me to load from a saved game. My girlfriend has the same phone but Verizon and hers does not have this issue. If any one has a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Freelum

    Freelum New Member

    I found the solution. If anyone has a similar issue on the S4 in developer options under applications you can set "Do not keep activities" on or off. Switch it to off and it'll allow the application to run.

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