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  1. thomas.m80

    thomas.m80 New Member

    I can get the google calendar to sync, but why cant the default "My calendar" sync with google calendar... is there a solution to this?

    Or can I get my google calendar to be the default (first choice) when making a entry in the HTC magic calendar?



  2. pelekys

    pelekys New Member

    Can anyone answer this question I have the same problem?
  3. pelekys

    pelekys New Member

    I would rather just do this
  4. 0425steven

    0425steven New Member

    not sure if is the same problem, i had no problems getting calender entries in google calender syncing with the phone but could'nt get phone entries to sync with google calendar,

    the reason was when entering a appointment into the magic under the calendar option i had to select the gmail option, this solved the problem
    hope it helps

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