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My Chrome bookmarks disappearedSupport

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  1. peaches1998

    peaches1998 Member

    Late last night, I realized that all of the bookmarks that were synched from Chrome running on my computer werre now gone from the N10. They were brought over when I first set up the tablet into a Desktop Bookmarks folder. The regular Mobile bookmark folder has always remained empty.

    Google tech support walked me through the process to restore synch but my tablet would not keep the Synch Setting Button in the ON position. All of the choices of what to synch are greyed out.

    The tablet still recognizes Desktop Bookmarks as it is the first choice given me when I now bookmark a web page. But it no longer exists so my bookmarks go into the Mobile Bookmark folder.

    When I setup the tablett, it was with JB 4.1 and now it runs JB 4.2. I do not know if the upgrade disabled the synch function of the tablet.

    I have already processed an exchange under the 14 day return policy of Google Store. I'll probably now do a Factory Reset to see if things change.

    Anybody ever lose all of their bookmarks that were synched over? Can you still access the synch mode which is located in the tablet's Settings, by clicking on your sign-in email address.


    Of strange interest, my bookmark for this forum on my desktop computer also disappeared last night?

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Shelly :hello:

    I haven't had any problem with syncing or bookmarks. I use boat browser and it shows imported bookmarks.

    In Chrome, under desktop bookmarks, it also shows the imported bookmarks. I can still select what to sync in settings, although the word sync is grayed out. Where is the sync button you're talking about? I thought I had seen it but now can't find it.
  3. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it
  4. peaches1998

    peaches1998 Member

    You can't uninstall Google Chrome from the Nexus 10 as it is preloaded. That's the first thing I thought of but Google support said it wasn't possible. I also went to the App Management Settings where you usually can uninstall an app but that choice is not available for Chrome.

    The Synch option is located in Settings, can't remember right now if it's under Users but your Google sign in email address is in a column on the right at the very top. Click on that and you'll see the on/off synch switch.

    There are 4 options of things you want to or not synch. They are all grayed out in mine and when I switch to Synch On, it does not hold it but reverts to Off as soon as I leave the page.

    Because I am soon to receive the replacement N10, I plan to experiment doing a factory reset and stating all over to see if it can now synch. But I wonder if 4.2 was the culprit as I was able to synch with 4.1 before I did the upgrade.

    But why did my synched bookmarks disappear?

  5. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    try the factory restore other wise root the device so you can remove it(if you are comfortable rooting it) also try clearing your cache that might help too, i know nexus 7's were having some problems with the cache needing to be cleared after the update
  6. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Well-Known Member

    Okay, same thing just happened to me and here is what i did to fix it and get my bookmarks back.

    I went into the settings > apps > all and cleared the cache for chrome, force stopped it and disabled it.

    Then I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the same section (because disabled apps are put last), enabled it & force stopped it again. When I launched it again it had me re-sign in yo the app. All of my folders were there but no bookmarks. I backed out to the root of the bookmarks and went back in and they were all there.
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  7. peaches1998

    peaches1998 Member

    Great info that I may use some day,

    I did a factory reset and was able to synch restoring all my bookmarks as well as browsing history from both my computer and from the tablet. Google support did not have me do that.

    But my replacement tablet is on its way to me so I plan to do more exploring now as I can't do any damage.

    To see if your synch is on, you launch Chrome, tap the 3bar icon on the top right and go to settings. Then tap on your sign in email address and the synch screen appears.

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