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My co-worker just got a TouchpadSupport

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  1. trvbone

    trvbone Member

    I want too put most current stable version of android on it preferably AOKP, but I haven't been following this devices history with android. What is the best route to take getting android on it and what is stable?

  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    any of the latest "nightly" files from the Cyanogen team will be fine. It is very very stable.

    I'm running the 20120903 nightly update without issue.

    Install instructions HERE

    Latest CM9 HERE

    You'll also need the google apps as they aren't included with CM9. Download those HERE
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  3. trvbone

    trvbone Member

    Thanks so much
  4. Jeffery

    Jeffery Well-Known Member

    Cyanogen is way more up to date than AOKP... at least as far as the TP is concerned.
  5. trvbone

    trvbone Member

    I'm not new to rooting and flashing, but I will be new to androidifying an HP touchpad. I think the only thing I haven't got yet is the web OS doctor does anyone have a link I'm hoping this goes easy and smooth I will be attempting on Sunday. Thanks again for any input
  6. Jeffery

    Jeffery Well-Known Member

  7. trvbone

    trvbone Member

    Thanks for the help guys I was successful!
  8. eddieduce

    eddieduce Member

    I have been attempting to install android on my HP Touchpad WeboS 3.0.5 but keep getting 'bad magic' error.

    I have used the files listed below:


    * moboot_0.3.5.zip
    * update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip
    * TWRP-2220.zip
    * cm7.2.0-20120926.1447-SKANKY-N1.zip

    I have also tried the cm-10 <...> version but get same error:

    My steps:

    A- Prepared Installed novacom.exe and copied ACMEInstaller file to it.

    1- Create cminstall
    2- Place moboot_0.3.5.zip, update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip, update-twrp-tenderloin-2.0.0RC0-signed.zip, cm7.7.0-20120926.1447-SKANKY-N1.zip, gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip
    4. Dismount.
    5. Boot into recovery/bootloader service mode (Power + Vol. up).
    6. Run 'novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

    Boot menu did not showed CyanogenMod but gave me

    'Checking uImage... Invalid Magic'

    Can someone please help?
  9. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    What a mess you have there.

    • You have CWM and TWRP. (I'd start out with CWM for starts, then install TWRP 2.2 via Goo Manager.)
    • update-twrp-tenderloin-2.0.0RC0-signed.zip is not TWRP 2.2.
    • CM7 (skanky?) and Jelly Bean Google Apps? I'd stick with an official nightly build of CM9 (July 7 or later) and the proper ICS gApps. The only reason for CM7 would be if you need the camera, but there's waaay too much other stuff that's broken.
    • Run novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller? To use acme2 or acme 3, you need to change the number at the end: Run novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3
    • I'd use acme3, but make sure you add update to the beginning of the gApps file, since it won't install otherwise.
  10. eddieduce

    eddieduce Member

    I downloaded the files again and also added 'update' to the CM cyanogen file and it works now. Thanks.

    The word update does make a difference when installing.
  11. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Glad it worked for you. :D
  12. chocophile

    chocophile Well-Known Member

    I'm in a similar situation, colchiro. A friend asked for help. Will the instructions linked above result in a dual boot tablet, or replace WebOS with CM9? Is it possible to dual boot the TP? The friend has the 32GB version, if that matters.
  13. Jeffery

    Jeffery Well-Known Member

    The only way to run Android is dual boot. Following the instructions will lead to a tablet with both WebOS and Android, you will not lose WebOS.
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  14. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    You don't want to get rid of webOS... it's your safety net should cm9 become unbootable.
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  15. chocophile

    chocophile Well-Known Member

    Thanks, jeffery and colchiro. Dual boot would be my recommendation. The instructions didn't explicitly say that the resulting tablet would keep WebOS as well as CM9.
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