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  1. fastordiy

    fastordiy Well-Known Member

    do u guys love the 3g as much as i do ??? i constantly use 3g only unless i need video. saving me mucho battery.
    just wondering am i the only one? (i use 4g switch from the market).

  2. lilonex3

    lilonex3 Well-Known Member

    3g in my area is painfully slow,seems like it has 1x speed lol,i stick to 4g and wifi for now................
  3. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    I dnt like it but I always have my phone on 3g when I leave the house and then it goes right on WiFi when I get back home lol!! Now that I think about it I dnt ever really have my phone on 4g :D
  4. TonyConvict

    TonyConvict Well-Known Member

    No 3g here goes straight to 1x
  5. bbfugitive

    bbfugitive Well-Known Member

    Whenever I use a 4g switch to open hidden network settings something crashes and the switch to 3g does not stick.
  6. fastordiy

    fastordiy Well-Known Member

    hi just wondering are u using 4g toggle from the market. thats the App u must! use guaranteed too work.

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