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  1. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    ... I think it's lasting LONGER than my Rezound which had a 2800 extended battery.
    I am starting to realize to turn off some of the real time syncing.
    Once I did that I pretty much made it into the afternoon if I don't go nuts on videos and downloads.

    No smart phone has ever lasted all work day for me when I use it as I typically do.
    Moderate browser, facebook, some youtube, some streaming audio and maybe some downloads.

    Today it lasted almost 5 hours before dropping to around 10%. But today was a pretty heavy use day.

    Here are some screen shots. I took the first few screen shots when I was in one of the areas in the building where it sometimes drops to 3G.





    A few hrs later (and after some recharging) I was approaching 12 gigs on my data usage.

    I did download a lot today.

    So far it hasn't gone dead before lunch.
    I sometimes could hardly get to lunchtime with my Rezound and that was with the extended battery.

    Some of the areas at work are pretty hard to get good signal. So I'm sure it causes more battery drain being in here than outside.


  2. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    So is this thread to say your battery life is good or bad? I can't understand the point, sorry ..

    5 hours of heavy use on a weak mobile signal with lots of screen time seems OK to me. I am just confused by this post ...
  3. WuBoy

    WuBoy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, 5 hours seems bad, but if I'm looking at that chart right, your screen was lit constantly. That's going to drain the battery for a phone like this.
  4. stkorn97

    stkorn97 Well-Known Member

    yeah, that much screen on time would always drain a battery regardless of the phone.
  5. zenman

    zenman Well-Known Member

    On a side note, The Walking Dead was awesome last night. Nice download choice. :)
  6. 211275

    211275 Well-Known Member

    This is what I tried to explain in another battery thread. Mine dropped to about 42% after 5 hours off the charger and I wasnt even using it for more than what you described. Moderate web browsing, facebook, a few Youtube videos, some texts and downloaded a few apps. No audio streaming though. I dont consider that "heavy" use at all. I consider heavy use to be streaming Pandora as you play an hour of Dead Trigger, then watching movies on Netflix. Thats heavy use, not light web browsing, facebook, a few youtube videos and installing a few apps.

    I have also noticed all of the people claiming great battery life, like absurd amounts of a day or more (even 18 hours) are barely using their phone. Thats evident by the "screen on" time hardly showing anything. My DNA lasted about 14-16 hours if I wasnt using it for more than a few texts, emails, limited web browsing and a quick check of Facebook every hour. If I spent any substantial amount of time actually using my phone with the screen on for a lengthy amount of time, the battery would plummet. I could actually watch it drop 8-10% every 10-15 minutes. It was awful and led me to return the DNA.
  7. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Is that 12GB of data for one day?
  8. shadowspawn

    shadowspawn Well-Known Member

    Size of file is 1.2 GB upon close inspection. Still a hefty amount though.
  9. WuBoy

    WuBoy Well-Known Member

    I guess it all depends on what you need. Most people work and aren't on their phone constantly over long periods everyday. I'd say based on that chart, he got around 3 hours of continuous screen time for 80% of his battery. I'm not saying that's great. It's not. But to put it in perspective, on a typical day, it would probably take me 10 - 12 hours to amass 3 hours of screen time. That's not bad at all. Even if I'm traveling and using my phone for entertainment. That's a couple movies before my battery has started to get low. I still don't think that is bad, but if you're someone that for some reason needs to be on the phone near constantly then I guess this wouldn't suit your needs.
  10. WiL11o6

    WiL11o6 Member

    That looks like pretty good battery life to me! Display lit almost the entire time, downloading 1.2GB file, facebook, chrome, whatever accounts syncing and it lasted a good 5 hours without a charge.

    If you wanted a phone to last you for all the heavy usage you do, I don't see why you wouldn't go for the RAZR MAXX so of course if you choose the 1080p on quad core with 2020 battery, it isn't going to last 8-10 hours on your usage.
  11. 211275

    211275 Well-Known Member

    Well there are also some people like myself who use their phone for business and get hundreds of emails, tons of texts and calls thru the day who need to be on their phones a lot. Cant worry about it dying while you are talking with a client ir trying to reply to one of their emails.

    The decision to put such a tiny battery on a phone with a 5 inch 1080p display and then make it non removable was just beyond stupid. How this passed by and made it to release with that battery is crazy and its no wonder HTC is where they are now. Maybe there will be a DNA Maxx in 6 months. They did it with the One X by releasing the X+
  12. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    As I responded in your thread as well it is all relative. Screen on time is going to be pretty even all across the board. Yes, if you barely use the phone it will last 18 hours; Yes if you disable mobile data it will easily last 10 hours.

    Fact is you will average 4 to 6 hours screen on time no matter what (in most cases)

    Fwiw its not a 'tiny' battery. It is barely smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3 (which is king of cell phones presently, sales wise) and gets arguably better battery life.

    If you are worried about phone dying in middle of an email, or during a call then perhaps you could be charging it before you compose the email or make that call??
  13. pushpulley

    pushpulley Member

    I can't speak for anybody else, but I have 50% battery left at night after a full day of work and play. I sync to four email accounts, facebook, twitter, read for 20-30 minutes a day, surf some websites, check Google Now for traffic, and play around with config settings since this is my first android phone. More than enough battery for my lifestyle. And reading on this screen is awesome. NO PIXELS!!!! :))))))))))
  14. WuBoy

    WuBoy Well-Known Member

    You do realize that this phone is only 199 right? It's newer than the RAZR Maxx HD and superior to it in every way other than battery and external storage yet the Maxx HD is $100 dollars more. You can't have every in every phone at every price. I think you get a very deal with this. If you are a battery hog, why didn't you go for the Maxx HD to begin with. It's the obvious choice for people who need a lot of battery life.
  15. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    LOL! Yeah with the post about my HEAVY USE I was hoping that people would realize I was being sort of sarcastic about the "only 5 hours" statement. :p

    Today I used it less and it still had charge at the end of the day.

    I noticed that my one charger I have at work in th shop doesn't seem to hardly charge it at all, I think it is messed up. I've been seeing a message about not enough charge current. :(

    Overall? I'm happy with the phone. I think it will be hard to make it go dead before lunch.
    My Thunderbolt and Rezound would be dead by noon with heavy use in the morning (streaming audio) etc.

    Sometimes I cue up a youtube video to listen to with my bluetooth. So that really works the batter a lot more than just streaming Shoutcast or Pandora with the screen off.

    It depends on what I am doing at work. If I'm inside I use it a lot less because I am with people.
    When I'm doing something by myself with the chiller/cooling towers all day, etc, I am using a lot of streaming, etc.

    Today was the end of the billing cycle. I used about 12.5 Gigs of data this month.
    My daughter panicked because her data just tagged 2 Gigs and her number has the lame 2 gig Verizon plan.
    I'm grandfathered in from Alltel.
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  16. 211275

    211275 Well-Known Member

    First of all, I don't consider web browsing, texts, emails and downloading a few small apps behavior of a "battery hog". These are things most everyone does thru the day. If I were streaming audio for hours, playing HD games, and streaming Netflix movies and complaining about bad battery life then that's one thing. Took it back anyways so it's not a problem anymore.
  17. WuBoy

    WuBoy Well-Known Member

    Didn't you just say that you're constantly on the phone doing stuff. It's irrelvant whether you're watching a video for an hour or spending an hour writing emails and web browsing. The point is you have the phone in constant use and that drains that battery.

    I'm not knocking you or anything. If you found another phone that suits your needs better, it's all well and good. I'm just saying that you can't expect a phone to have everything and still be as affordable as this phone is. It has the best screen of any phone in the US now hands down and is one of if not the fastest phone out there right now too. It stands to reason it's going to have a few drawbacks else it would be more expensive.
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