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  1. andrewzpsu

    andrewzpsu Well-Known Member

    So maybe my phone is defective but I must say this thing is horrible...

    The problems I'm having:
    - The battery is draining wicked fast.
    - The phone is ridiculously hot like the radio is working overtime.
    - And the screen is so sensitive that when swiping home screens the damn thing tries to go back, or skips a screen. In the browser if I scroll up or down with just one finger it tends to try to pinch zoom. And on the home screen when trying to press and hold an app it double clicks and opens it. The on screen keyboard many times just blips out when swyping... trying to type one word and it ends up being 4-5...

    So I tried turning the phone off and back on. No difference.

    Did the OTA update. No difference.

    I didn't even install any apps yet. But I did remove everything from my home screens to hopefully fix the battery life. No difference.

    I like the keyboard (miles ahead of the D1) and the fact swype comes stock.... if it would only work correctly.

    Does every droid 2 have these problems? Are they all hot all the time? Are they all super sensitive? Are they all sucking battery at a phenomenal rate?

  2. DigitalSifu

    DigitalSifu Member

    Ok... I am a new droid2 user as well, so I will try to help. However, some of the more experienced people around here may have more to add...

    The battery is draining wicked fast.

    It appears battery life will drain if you do not pay attention to a few things.... like... is your phone pinging heavily for signal in a bad signal area? Do you have a bunch of radios on that are not needed (wi-fi, bluetooth, gps)? Is your screen on super bright and never gets to dim or time out? Do you have a lot of syncing going on in the background that you could manage a little better? Search the forums and you will see a fix to most of these issues.

    - The phone is ridiculously hot like the radio is working overtime.

    Could be due to some of the above issues, or you could have a lousy battery. I find this phone does NOT get abnormally hot. If yours is, it is either working abnormally hard, or you have a battery/HW issue.

    - And the screen is so sensitive that when swiping home screens the damn thing tries to go back, or skips a screen. In the browser if I scroll up or down with just one finger it tends to try to pinch zoom. And on the home screen when trying to press and hold an app it double clicks and opens it. The on screen keyboard many times just blips out when swyping... trying to type one word and it ends up being 4-5...

    This is a tough one, and maybe the old-heads around here can help more but...
    I found that I did have to get used to swiping screens. You really need to use a long, smooth motion. Fast "taps" to swipe will be recognized as just that, taps. This could make the screen jitter back in place.

    As far as "pinch to zoom" issue... this should only happen when you are multi-touching. Be sure there is only one single contact point of your finger on the screen. Otherwise, that is a strange issue I have no answer for at all.

    As far as double clicking instead of grabbing... it could be you (you are jittering your finger a bit too much) or maybe your screen is not calibrated/defective in some way. Press firm and try not to move until you feel the buzz and you know you got it grabbed.

    On screen keyboard. Ok, first of all as one new Droid2 user to another... "Swyping" is hard, and if you are using the swype feature you may want to just practice a bit, cause it ain't easy at first. If you are using the regular soft keyboard, it is a little narrow, so it is very possible to fat finger a few letters. It could be "blipping out" if you touch and of the other action keys on the bottom... especially the back button (curvy arrow on the bottom). The good news is... WE HAVE A HARDWARE KEYBOARD. I suggest you use that. I do.

    Not sure if that was any help at all, but hopefully it is. Again, some others may have a lot more to add than I did here.

    Bottomline... stick with it... either you just need to adjust/get used to some things OR, maybe you just got a dud unit. In that case, exchange it cause it shouldn't be flaking out as much as you say.
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  3. androidb

    androidb Well-Known Member

    In regards to the issues above. The same thing happened to my X and my girlfriends Droid 2. It seems like after about a week the devices hold a great charge. Both devices do not get hot anymore. It also takes some time getting used to how sensitive the screens are.

    I say stick with it. It should improve over the next couple weeks. It seems strange, but it's true.
  4. Old Man

    Old Man Well-Known Member

    We have been having very similar issues with my wife's Droid 2. Battery life is terrible even after two weeks of use, although it recharges fast. Touchscreen response is horrendous, trying to go between main screens sometimes doesn't do anything or 'bounces' or jumps several screens (sometimes in the wrong direction). Trying to scroll through Contacts is slow, it may scroll a few or none or go in the wrong direction. It's way too easy to inadvertently select things. And moving widgets or shortcuts is laborious. Removing and reinstalling the battery made no difference. A Factory Reset did nothing. The 2.2.20 update did help a bit with the touchscreen response but that is the only improvement I've been able to achieve.

    We started thinking it was just us or the way the phone worked, but the other day I received my Droid X and I can now say that it is not us or the way the phone should be working. It also does not seem to be a running service issue or anything like that as both phones are setup the same and I have forced close everything I felt safe doing so. However, the difference in touchscreen functionality and battery life is rather amazing. She can't get through a work day without recharging her Droid 2, I'm on my second day of use on my Droid X without recharging and still at 60% (and I am running a live wallpaper versus her static wallpaper). On my Droid X I can scroll though my apps and Contacts smoothly, move things around on screen without problems, etc. while my old Voyager scrolls through Contacts much better than her Droid 2.

    So I have a feeling we'll be heading to the Verizon store this weekend to see about a replacement Droid 2. On the positive side, now that we've seen how the phones should be running, my wife's looking forward to having a Droid 2 that runs as fast or faster than my Droid X!
  5. Silver Phantom

    Silver Phantom New Member

    I agree with the whole battery drain issue. This is insane. I'd love to hear some technical explanation as to why people's phones seem to improve over time...
  6. Old Man

    Old Man Well-Known Member

    I checked again last night and realized that the Factory Data Reset had reinstalled all the news and social networking widgets which then apparently restarted the associated services after I had stopped them. Deleted the related widgets and 'forced stop' the associated services and now the touchscreen operates better and it seems to be getting better battery life (so far). Doesn't seem like you should have to do that but it appears as though it made a definite difference.

    Update: The services I had stopped kept restarting themselves and the phone operation was still erratic. Went in today to a local Verizon store where they tried everything they could including another Factory Reset and confirmed the same issues. Gave us a new Droid 2 and the difference in operation is very significant. We'll have to see if it also helps with the battery life.
  7. infil

    infil Well-Known Member

    I can relate to the lithium packs used in a few of the 10+ hybrids that I have had through the shop, can only assume it is a similar technology in the phones.

    The charge/discharge cycle of the battery is controlled through a module. This is done to maintain an even charge level across the entire circuit, making sure maximum amperage is available for high demand/load requests from the ecu, and to maximize efficiency during charging.

    This system requires an adaptive memory learning period which will adapt the charge/discharge cycles to the general type of driving the car see's, as well as to make sure the battery cells are properly cycled to maximize life expectancy.

    I would guess that the same thing applies to the phone batteries. Obviously the charge cycle is regulated by the CPU, I'd imagine its going to take average demands over a 24-48 hour period and via the software, allocate power/cpu/ram useage as to provide the most efficient use of available resources.

    I know on average, hybrids wont peak out in mileage until the first 2500-5000 miles due to this, the electric side of the drive is running under a higher, less efficient load until the adaptive memories are set. This does include engine fuel trim data, transaxle/cvt "shift" adaptives(cvt's dont have gears), throttle acuation adaptives and the fuel/ignition maps.
  8. Old Man

    Old Man Well-Known Member

    All I can offer is that we had similar issues to those you note and at least in our case it was the device itself. It is now obvious that there was something wrong with our first phone from the start that Factory Resets and battery pulls would not resolve, which they confirmed at a local VZW store before deeming the phone defective. A couple of days with our replacement Droid 2 and the difference is very obvious. No more issues with the touchscreen usability or action and battery life has increased significantly, as in several times the life before needing a charge.

    And while I had to reconfigure all the settings, accounts, etc. every time we did a Factory Reset, AppBrain made documenting and reinstalling apps so much easier!
  9. CurlyDE

    CurlyDE New Member

    What type of battery life are you seeing with the replacement phone?

    I'm going on 27 hours with 15% remaining. I had an issue yesterday morning that toasted 30% of the battery in about 3-4 hours (this is also included in the 27 hours) ... Cell Standby was sucking up the battery and reporting 50% time without a signal. I did the "airplane trick" that is documented all over the net for 2.1 phones and it seemed to fix the issue.
  10. andrewzpsu

    andrewzpsu Well-Known Member

    We took the phone to one verizon store and the guy just laughed at us. He literally walked away and started texting on his black berry. Now the droid 2 is actually the girl friend's phone and she looked at me and said,"i guess he is not going to help us anymore".

    The battery goes from a full charge to 40% in eight hours with little use, like 5 texts. This is horrible.

    Went to another store and got the battery replaced, and those other issues like the screen being crazy seem to have worked themselves out for now.

    I'm going to get her on the incredible if we can't get it fixed soon.

    One thing interesting that I noticed is her quadrant score is higher than mine, but mine finishes running like 30 seconds before hers lol
  11. bobnn

    bobnn Member

    The document here says the following:

    I'm not sure what LED they are referring to, as I don't see any LED flashing during this, but you can see battery charging status when the unit is off by briefly touching the lock/power button.

    This seems to have helped me.

    The other thing is to go into Settings -> Battery Manager and make a profile that turns off everything data related after a period of inactivity, and also to go into the display settings and turn down the brightness and have it power off after a brief period of inactivity.

    Hope this isn't belaboring the obvious. I'm new, just got my Droid 2 on 8/30. It rocks, but occasionally it sucks, too. It's new, there are still bugs.

    Mine has locked up twice. Once I could power-cycle using the button, the other time I had to shift-alt-delete.

    However, besides the battery charge life, I've had none of the other issues you report.

    Even with all this the battery life isn't like a dumb-phone where it can go numerous days between charges.
  12. Old Man

    Old Man Well-Known Member

    Went from having to charge midday to the same use with around 60% or so battery left at the end of the day.
  13. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of the same problems. :mad:
  14. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member

    Discharge the battery fully and then recharge it. Do that like 2 or 3 different times in a row. I think that conditions the battery.

    edit: Should not have to do anything like that on a brand new phone with a brand new battery, but it does seem to help for some.
  15. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member

    Ask for the manager next time. Complain :mad:
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  16. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member

    I asked a similar question in another thread.
  17. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member

    No one should be having battery issues on a brand new phone. The phone was very poorly designed/ engineered by Motorola. The battery they use too, is a very cheapy made Chinese one.

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