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  1. mariibabii

    mariibabii New Member

    Phone Facts:
    Droid 2
    Rooted using Z Root in January
    Sent as a Verizon Replacement December 15th 2010 (Went through 3 Motorola Devours...)

    Today, as I was trying to send a text, the Swype started acting crazy and started inputting random letters. Then I stopped touching my phone and the phone started resending old texts, swiping home pages, opened and closed apps and started to want to delete my Dialer. (This is when I paniked big time) It was like someone had remote access (which I bet this is what it is) to the phone, because I was fighting them just to reset the phone. I reset it 3 times tonight and even when the phone was factory clean and on airplane mode, the phone started opening settings and random apps. I just got frustrated and took the battery out and so it's dead now. I took the sd card out and it still acted like this. I even didn't sign in my Google Accounts after reactivating the phone and it still acted crazy. I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to do!

    Additional Symptoms
    • I had the phone off for an hour, battery and SD out. When I turned it back on and put the SD in, The date was December 31st 1969. at 7:00PM (actual time was 6:24pm)
    • Phone makes calls, just trying to get to the Contacts is an impossible challenge.
    • Phone was fine after the 3rd reset for 3 hours then started acting up.
    HELP! THANK you.

  2. NiceGuysFinishLast

    NiceGuysFinishLast Well-Known Member

    Was the phone plugged in for any of this? Are you using the OEM Motorola charger?
  3. mawing

    mawing Member

    ghost touchscreen problem?
  4. Dakota - Tom

    Dakota - Tom Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's gone over to the Dark Side! :D
  5. frasej

    frasej Well-Known Member

    Ghost in the Machine
  6. mariibabii

    mariibabii New Member

    My phone was not plugged in. I was out when it all happened..

    I have been using my Kindle charger since Verizon sent it to me.:(

    I wish Verizon would have sent me a brand new phone. From collective experiences of my fiance and I, "Certified Like New" replacements from Verizon and "Refurbished" replacements from Apple crap out very quickly...
  7. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    what apps have you downloaded?
  8. frasej

    frasej Well-Known Member

  9. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    When you say reset? Are you doing this from the settings screen or via recovery?
  10. mxsjw

    mxsjw Well-Known Member

    My wifes is not rooted and is doing the exact same thing as the op's phone.
    D2 global...any new info on this or a fix?

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