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My Droid is running at 1GHZ

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  1. altimax98

    altimax98 Well-Known Member

    ^ I downloaded droid explorer and used that to reboot into recovery, then mounted, then ran the code.. I need to run the wifi code fix now as well.

  2. michaelearth

    michaelearth Well-Known Member

    Heres my question, Once you Overclock and say it works perfectly fine for a month or so and then one day you wake up and find out that you CPU is completely fried. Then what? What would you tell Verizon?

    I'm not trying to be rude (I cant wait to OC my droid) but i'm just wondering what would happen.

  3. altimax98

    altimax98 Well-Known Member

    well technicly that shouldnt happen... but if it should... hummmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. gdog1977

    gdog1977 New Member

    To update the BB 8.3 to the 1GHZ, goto to the tasmanian_droid section, look for evilboot1G-nand. Download that, reboot recovery, restore only the BOOT portion of the backup. Then fix your WIFI. Done.
  5. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Verizon Rep: Hello. How are you today?
    Joe: I'm fine, and you?
    Verizon Rep: Great. What can we do for you today?
    Joe: My DROID just stopped working.
    Verizon Rep: OK, sorry to hear about that. Let me check ... oh, I see you're still under warranty. I'll be right back.
    Joe: OK ... thanks.
    Verizon Rep: OK, we do have one in stock. Do you need me to help you set it back up or anything?
    Joe: No, that's OK. I'll just take it as is. I'm pretty good with those stupid things.
    Verizon Rep: Cool. I just need you to sign this right here and you'll be all set.
    Joe: <sign form> ... Ok, thanks man. I really appreciate the quick service.
    Verizon Rep: No problem Joe. Have a great day, and sorry for any inconvenience.
    Joe: Not that big of a deal really ... later Verizon dude. :)

    Yea ... something like that. :cool:
  6. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Well-Known Member


    Verizon Rep: Hello. How are you today?
    Joe: Good, I just had a quick question.
    Verizon Rep: Great. What can we do for you today?
    Joe: I wanted to know why I was charged $500 on my account?
    Verizon Rep: OK, sorry to hear about that. Let me check ... oh, I see that upon inspection, it was noted that you FRIED YOUR FREAKING PHONE!!!
    Joe: OK ... thanks.

  7. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    I know you're joking, but for the sake of others...

    And they would know this how? All they know is upon inspection, it appears that my phone wasn't abused, physically damaged, or dropped in water. They keep old DROID, I get new DROID, end of story.

    CPUs do die of natural causes. Rare, but it happens. Besides, they wouldn't even investigate far enough to know if it was a fried CPU, or some other failure; i.e. motherboard, power supply, etc...
  8. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Well-Known Member

    you're right.

    I WAS joking.

  9. JHeald

    JHeald New Member

    FYI: 120% of X is (X + 20% of X). That's a larger number. Perhaps you meant 120% faster?
  10. zyxwvu44

    zyxwvu44 Active Member

    just rooted and installed the 800mhz one. it was WAY faster! but now my wifi is broken...looking into that.

    also, this was really confusing and hard to do, if i had never built custom blackberry OS's (which is pretty easy) i would never have had the balls to do this.

    installed bugless .7.1 800mhz + wifi and it works great! this is soooo much faster! so glad i did this, although sweeterhome crashes a little bit, but its back in no time!
  11. jmccarthy14

    jmccarthy14 Well-Known Member

    If I meant 120% faster, that would mean 1ghz is 220% the performance of the 800mhz.. I think you have something reversed? Misunderstanding.

    Anyway, I recommend all OCers now install the JIT dalvik -- we now far surpass the stock nexus in performance
  12. Mhogan35

    Mhogan35 Active Member

    What is the JIT dalvik, if I may ask?
  13. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

  14. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Getting about 9.7 Mflops @ 1GHz w/ JIT enabled. Now, should I flash the 1.1GHz image he just released...
  15. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Well-Known Member


    You people are determined to burn your Droids, aren't you.
  16. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    And you're waiting with baited breath to say, "I toldja so!". :p

    "It's better to burn out ... then fade away." :cool:
  17. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Well-Known Member

  18. ssantan2

    ssantan2 Well-Known Member

    anyone wanna give a (preferably detailed) explaination as to what this JIT dalvik thing is?
  19. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

  20. PerCompLLC

    PerCompLLC Well-Known Member

  21. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    It's just 3 files that need to be pushed and 1 line added to build.prop.

    However, while it made my benchmarks better, there was no visible performance gain. It also is messing up my browser, so I'm going back to regular execution mode.
  22. gentlefury

    gentlefury Well-Known Member

    I'm running 800MHz beautifully....900 seems like it wouldn't really make a difference, right now 1GHz seems unsafe until further testing. If someone can safely test 1.1Ghz tho I think that would be enough of a leap to give it a try. If heat remains the same during regular use that would be the way to go.....or higher if conditions continue to be ideal.
  23. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Not all devices are created equal. While mine has been running at 1GHz for over a day straight, others can't even boot at 1GHz. Tas has gotten his up to 1.3 already, which is why I think he released the 1.1 (along with that fact that people who can boot at 1GHz aren't having problems).

    The best way to see if you can handle 1GHz is to try it on your own device. Make a nandroid backup first. If anything goes wrong, it's as simple as restoring your backup.
  24. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Mine booted fine at 800, 900, and 1K. Not one single issue. I have the 1.1G file and JIT file downloaded. I'll install this afternoon and report back.

    Wow, this is cool stuff. Anyone trying this stuff, please donate something to the dev. Surely the guys deserve a "drink on me". ;)
  25. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Well-Known Member

    Ok, someone please enlighten me. What does running at 1 Ghz actually DO?

    Yes, I know it is "faster". But what does that mean? Do web pages load in a blink of an eye?

    I don't see the big upside if all it does is make my gallery load a half second faster or if my swiping to different screens is lightning-quick.

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