My Droidx is Horrible after Gingerbread Update. HELP!Support

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  1. italianelf

    italianelf New Member

    My once loved DroidX (prior to installing the OTA Gingerbread update) is becoming a hassle, almost so that a Tracfone would provide better peace of mind...Uploading to my YouTube & Picasa accounts used to be a breeze. Now, stagnant uploads & 'failed' apologizes from the error message gods... Keyboard goes a bit faster, but the new spell check system has deminished me to 'moron' status as it changes, highlights blocks of text & morphs my words into something that of a pre-k toddler...My camera which used to have very user-friendly features turned demon on me & tells me when its gonna press the shutter... I now hate my phone sadly. Is there any way to solve all these performance issues? For me, the update is more of a step back.. Two dixie cups and some yarn seem to have the same effect - its a joke...

  2. ChiefHopper

    ChiefHopper Well-Known Member

    I had most of these issues and on top of that the phone was barely a phone. Wouldn't dial. hangs ups, bad connections and one time the phone dialed my wife's Droid 1. Mine was on the kitchen counter and hers was in the living room. Neither of us was near our phones.

    Son had similar problems and we both did a factory reset. GULP! Now all seems to work just fine and has for about two weeks. Same for my son.

    My only complaint was losing all of my Angry Birds data. My fault.

    Everything was automatically restored for me with the exception of one app.

    Big step, but probably worth it if you are having that much trouble.
  3. fdecaprio

    fdecaprio New Member

    I had all the issues too, loss of 3g, random shutdowns, etc. I read that a factory reset worked temporarily and then the problems returned. I followed the instructions for going back to Froyo; it was easy. Now I love my phone again.

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