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  1. Tsulagi

    Tsulagi Member

    Friday, 1 JULY 2011, I was sitting at work, approximately 0830 Central Time. Out of nowhere, the alarm on my Droid X goes off. Odd, considering it was only set to go off at 0630 as it does every weekday morning. I look at the phone, and sure enough it says that its 0630. So I go into the settings to make sure the time is synching with the server and all that good stuff.... To my amazement, the date in the time and date settings option was "14 FEB 2031". I tried to sync it and it would be fine for about an hour and then set itself to 14 FEB 2031. So, after about an hour and a half of this, I decided to do a factory restore. 30 minutes later I

  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Wow. Yeah, that's an understatement, LOL. Pretty bizarre.

    My first thought was the aforementioned "wow" :).

    My second thought was real scientific basis for this other than it clearly is a time-sensitive chip and function... There's a lot of inter-connected systems on our little Android-powered pocket computers. GPS, 3G / wi-fi / bluetooth radio(s), FM radio receiver, cameras, HDMI port, USB port, headphone jack, etc.

    If you really wanted to debug it, I'd suggest turning as much stuff off (apps included) as possible or you a willing. Turning things on, one-by-one until you see the issue reappear (or conversely, turn things off, one-by-one until the issue goes away). Otherwise, its a needle in the haystack type of deal.

    You could also view the system log via the logcat utility or a logcat app (I usually use aLogcat) and you might be able to see what occurs right before the time change. aLogcat can also periodically save to the SD card, so you don't have to be watching it 24x7.

    Good luck and cheers!

    edit: oh, by the way, welcome to AndroidForums! :)
  3. mahers

    mahers Well-Known Member

    If it's been less than a year, go get a new phone! All your calls to Support should be documented (key word: SHOULD). In fact, it may be best to call back and just tell them you want a replacement as the amount of time spent to try to resolve the issue is fruitless and a waste of your valuable time.
  4. Tsulagi

    Tsulagi Member

    I added it all up yesterday and since the first of July I have spent a grand total of 11 hours on the phone with Verizon Customer Support. They sent me a new Droid X this morning and as soon as I activated it, same issue. The problem has to be with a tower or switch in my area. Im going to their store today to demand a different phone. An HTC or Samsung because all of the other people in my area that I talk to regulary do not have this issue. There are now 4 people in my area with the Droid X that do have this issue.
  5. mahers

    mahers Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you haven't landed in the Twilight Zone? ;)
  6. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yea, I was gonna say it's a tower issue. The provider sends the time to all it's phones. Why only Droid Xs are having issues is beyond me. I think mahers Twilight Zone statement is the closest to solving this riddle.

    Question: How's the Dx's time at your house? You said the issue occurred while at work. Do you live far enough from work to be using a different tower at home?

    You could always uncheck the Automatic setting and go manual on your date and time (Settings / Date & Time / Automatic). Sucks to have to do that, but it's an option.
  7. keith72064

    keith72064 New Member

    I am in HSV as well and both mine and my wife's Droid 2 Globals are doing the exact same thing. My company issued Verizon Blackberry just started doing it today as well. I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Verizon Tech Support and they are sending my ticket to their Network Team. Has anyone heard more about the cause and fix?
  8. Tsulagi

    Tsulagi Member

    I just got off the phone with a Verizon engineer. At this point in time there is no fix for the true issue.. however if you change your time and date from Automatic to Manual, the issue will stop. However for some reason in about 48 hours the phone goes back to automatic on its own.
  9. Tsulagi

    Tsulagi Member

    I actually live 2.8 miles in a straight line away from work, lol. According to the engineer, its the same tower... but I really dont use my phone at home much. My house is fully wired so to speak... I have about 8 PC/Laptops spread out... and my tv's are networked... So I havent paid the phone that much attention unless it rings... which it hasnt been ringing thus some missed calls as of late...
  10. Tsulagi

    Tsulagi Member

    Still No Fix For This Issue. However I am seeing it pop up in other locations now, quite a few reports popping up in other forums..

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