My ear speaker won't work!Support

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  1. Miller57

    Miller57 Member

    When people call me i can't hear what their saying.. i have to put them on speaker to hear them... This may be the reason but my friend spilled ice cream on it earlier, but we cleaned it up as fast as we good and dried it... so if it is the ice creams fault.. what damage is that ? and what could i do about it?

  2. The Shape

    The Shape Well-Known Member

    Try putting frozen yogurt on it. Sorry, I had to :D

    I would call AT&T to see if they can send ya a refurbished one. You could try returning it to where you purchased it but I don't think you would get very far doing that.
  3. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Warranty issues do not cover neglect/abuse by the consumer. That's what the optional insurance plan is for. Trying to get this covered under warranty would constitute fraud.

    You will have to pay full-price for a replacement, refurb will be cheaper if you can get it.

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