My experience with unlocking HTC Wildfire from Orange

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    Hi all,

    This is a thread purely for info - I had a whale of a time trying to get my phone unlocked and thought I'd pass on my experiences in case they can help others.

    I got an upgrade Wildfire from Orange but since I already have a Desire (which I love more than almost anything in the world) I thought I'd give it my girlfriend who is on Vodafone. Naturally the phone was locked to Orange but most unlock sites claimed a 20 minute (ish) turnaround for codes.

    I will try and keep it simple - firstly, my Wildfire took 5 weeks to get unlocked from the time I ordered the codes. This is due AFAIK to there being one master database of codes from HTC which HTC update as and when. Since my phone was brand new, the code took a while to appear. These are the places I tried: - DO NOT USE. Their website is swish but they couldn't provide a code. They then offered to do a "deep search" (WTF?) for an extra $35 or something. I selected refund, and they sent me an email saying they had refunded me. Which they hadn't. Long story short, I had to open both a dispute then a claim with Paypal to get my money back and they never responded to my emails.

    eBay - Various people offering codes. Bought from one who then refunded me within about 20 minutes saying he didn't have the code. - This was against my better judgement as they claim to offer a software unlocking solution. However, I was a bit desperate by then so went for it. The software they sent to use not only didn't work but set off my virus alarm. This may be a false-positive which does happen with quasi-hacking tools. I emailed them and they did give me a refund straight away. - RECOMMENDED. They also couldn't provide a code immediately but checked the database every day and emailed me to confirm they'd done so. When I emailed a query the owner got back to me within an hour. He then emailed apologising for the long delay and explaining HTC were slow in updating the list and we should have it by X date, and I did. A great experience and I felt well looked after.

    Hope that's helpful to anyone in a similar position!

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    thanks for sharing your experiences, appreciate it.

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