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My findings on the $40, $50 and $60 LTE plans through Metro Pcs.

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  1. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    After searching the internet hi and low for what exactly Metro Pcs considered "multimedia streaming access", I think I have the answer. From my experience, after switching to the $50 plan, any video, watched on an app or even via web browser, has counted toward my data usage. Audio streaming, downloads from the Market, and web surfing, through web and 3rd party apps, have not affected my usage.

    Sorry if this has already been covered in another forum, but if it has I sure couldn't find it. Just wanted to pass my findings along.

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  2. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Well-Known Member

    I have been wondering about this forever as well. I have talked to many people and read many threads about this, and I think you are right. I have been saying to people forever that you don't need the $60 plan unless you watch a lot of YouTube videos.

    Those Metro reps really try to sell the hell out of that $60 plan though, don't they? lol Not only that, but try to get a straight answer out of any of them about the difference between the $50 and $60 plan, it's amazing how uninformed the reps are (assuming they are not outright lying to you, lol)!
  3. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    Yea, I'm not sure if there just misinformed, or lying. I had one guy tell me that everything counts towards data and that once you reach your limit, your data is cut off all together. I inew that couldn't be the case because it states "unlimited 4g web" on every ploicy.

    I decited to just drop down the the $40 plan as I don't want many videos at all, and if I want to watch a little more than normal, I can always use any cut to turn my 4g off and stream them via 3g. A little slower but not that big of a deal for me.
  4. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    Well, thanks for the info. Helped greatly.
  5. Dulinitis

    Dulinitis Member

    I've been shopping for a low cost Android phone / plan, of course checking out MetroPCS. The rep told me that the $60 plan was the only plan available for Android, and there was truly unlimited data without any slowdown after a bandwidth threshold has been reached.

  6. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    That's what they say, but it's not true. Now, you may have to sign up for the $60 plan initially, but after the first month, you can always call and switch to the $50 plan. Funny thing is, if you get a 4g phone, you actually have the option to go down to the $40 plan, which only includes 100mb of video streaming.

    You really cant beat the $40 a month plan for 4g if you don't plan on streaming any videos. Most prepaid carries are more than that without the 4g.

    Ive also found that though I initially thought Youtube counted against my data, I don't think it does. HBOGO seems to be the only thing I've been able to find that actually does count against the usage. Have been using Iheart radio, Pandora, ect. for a while now and my meter never moves.

    I even heard that you can still wifi teether and it won't count against the usage, not that I would do such a thing. :D
  7. Memo35

    Memo35 Well-Known Member

    So basically only videos count towards the "streaming" usage? Looks like i'll be going down to the $40 plan on my Esteem.

    Thanks for the info.
  8. macp

    macp Active Member

    Yeah i went down to the $40 plan and love it.
  9. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    Anyone maybe tried using some proxy servers to see if this does anything good?
  10. Genome

    Genome Member

    I just purchased the LG Connect 4G. I got the $50 4g plan with that. If I wanted to switch to the $40 4G plan I could go online and change it? If I did that, My next payment is due on 4/6/12. Could I switch over to the $40 plan on that day and pay the $40 instead of the $50 for my current plan?
  11. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    I think you have to call, but maybe that just me because I have multiple lines. If its a single line you can give it a shot. It wont change your due date, they will just pro rate your upcoming amount because you pay in advance. So instead of refunding you, you will just pay less on your upcoming bill.
  12. macp

    macp Active Member

    I did an online chat and downgraded two phones to the 40 plan and the guy was very helpful and it didn't take long. Beats calling.
  13. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    Never thought to try that, good idea!
  14. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    very interesting,

    i might downgrade if thats the case. metro studio sucks and rhapsody is useless. i dont have hbo i wouldnt be able to use that anyway.
  15. BZAnt

    BZAnt Member

    Anybody ever use the iheart radio app??? does that count a data streaming??? I would imagine it would I'd just like to get some confirmation from someone who knows....
  16. Memo35

    Memo35 Well-Known Member

    I use Pandora and Google music a lot, and my data usage does not move past 0%. My bill due date is coming up in about a week and will be moving down to the $40 plan.
  17. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    I am on the $40 plan. Pandora, I heart Radio, ect donlt count toward my usage. Just netflix and hbogo, an similar video streaming apps
  18. MsKillaOJ

    MsKillaOJ Active Member

    I'm interested in moving down to the $50 plan as my bill is due today. How much netflix time do you think I'd have on average with that plan? I don't watch youtube and I use Pandora frequently. Could use some help deciding whether to stay with my current plan or switch. Thanks!
  19. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    Not very much, 1gb of video adds up pretty quickly. Id say 2 to 3 hours max. Pandora shouldnt effect it at all.
  20. justainchoe

    justainchoe Well-Known Member

    I never tried doing it online but probably. You can call 888 8metro8 for sure. You'll pay less than $40 since you payed $50 for this month and switched to the $40 plan. They will prorate this month between the 40 and 50 plans.
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  21. AndroidGoogle

    AndroidGoogle Member

    MetroPCS will start throttling down plans. The premium plan will be $70 with unlimited 4G. Other plans will be data measured on everything data usage.
  22. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member


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