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  1. doriangray77

    doriangray77 Member

    hi to everyone this lovely Samsung galaxy ace is my first smartphone so I have few questions. the battery doesn't last very much I have been told to disconnect Internet if i'm not using it and set the phone on flight mode when I am using eat just for multimedia in this way it definitely last more I have been told also to use the 2 g instead of the 3 g but the there mobile use only the 3 g. the point is that I have done n all you can eat data contract, but just browsing and not downloading watching video or anything else, the battery last only 5 hours!!
    do you have any other suggestions to make it last more, otherwise on amazon I have seen a not original samsung battery for 6 pounds that I could use for emergencies do you think it could damage the phone?
    Last thing I was looking for FIFA 12 or pes on the android market but I didn't find it,
    is the android market the only place where I can legally download applications?
    Could you tell me your best applications and games for the galaxy ace?
    I am looking for an application) to download free music legally, a good music player, a better video player than rock player because it doesn't always work, a language translator possibly with the spelling, a document reader and every other app or game you would suggest to someone who has a smartphone for the first time :


    Dorian gray

  2. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    This might help you Socrates plus some thread on this forum.
  3. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Battery limitations are there in almost all smartphones, you just have to switch off things that you are not using, things like keep the bluetooth/gps/packet data/wifi etc off when not using, keep the brightness to a minimum suitable level, keep the haptic feedback(vibration) off, there are many apps that keep running in background and consume ram and battery, shut them down through task manager if you can't find an exit button, overall there is not much you can do. I have never switched to flight mode to save battery, its a good idea but rather too extreme, its a phone after all. :D
    Play store is one thing, people also share paid/free apps through file hosting sites, you can look up there and download apps, i have heard of some other online android stores similar to play store, i have not seen any but you can search for it.
    You can install most games on ACE however some HD games don't work due to display hardware limitations, ACE cannot support HD display.

    As for additional battery, you can get any battery that matches the original battery's specifications, just make sure the battery is reliable and have good reviews. There are many users who have bought a higher capacity battery for ace and use the original as backup, you can do that too, ask these users they will be much better help in finding you a good reliable battery.

    There are lots of music and video players available on the play store, download them and see which suits your needs, for document reader i use Documents to Go, its a pretty good app and support almost all formats. You can also get another file manager, the one that comes with the phone is pretty basic, try solid explorer or astro or file manager from play store. Opera or dolphin browsers are better than stock browsers, QuickPic is a much faster app for gallery, RealCalc is a very good calculator replacement and also try the ZDbox, its one app for many useful tools and widgets. You can use MyBackup for backing up your phone data and apps in case you have to do a factory reset or you just want to restore to a previous memory state.
  4. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Welcome Doriangrey! glad to have you on the site :) :ciao:
    enjoy your new smartphone :)
  5. akashshah

    akashshah Active Member

    frenz sme how my google play store have been deleted galaxy ace s5830i and nmw i am nt able to install it again i hav download play store zip file bt cant install frm.dt zip file.and when.i.try to install in recovery mode it shows installation.abborted ples sme one
  6. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    install manually through root explorer.
    paste apk file in system/app and set permissions as rw-r-r-- then just reboot the phone, it'll be installed.
  7. akashshah

    akashshah Active Member

    i have downlodedrootexplorer 2.12 and installed also but when.i open it it shows forceclose app and get closed amd. m nt getting other download so cn u give me link?
  8. akashshah

    akashshah Active Member

    it sys dt root explorer didnt got prrmission super user even.when.i select allow permission option...
  9. doriangray77

    doriangray77 Member

    First of all I wanna thank you all guys,
    you have been so kind and gave me so useful info
    It's not easy meet patient and generous people like you!

    Then I have few questions for ayush29, but everyone can answer:

    - I went to the task manager and the green line is 227/290 what it means? Below there is a button "clear memory" but it also says caution! cleaning ran would finish some of the
    running applications. Save data applications before. What I should do? Is this operation really useful to save battery?

    - I have downloaded few games from the market but they are all crap, while instead on youtube
    I see tutorial of people playing with smashing games like fifa, pes, resident evil, grand thieft auto and so many others less famous but with an amazing graphic, on the galaxy ace! Could you suggest me some nice games supported by the ace?

    - do really exist batteries with a higher capacity :O ? is possible find also original samsung ones?
    If I don't trust to take them on internet, could I find themn in any shop, like currys or carphone, etc? what do you mean when you say they use the original like back up (sorry Im a disaster about technology)

    - what is a file manager...? installing another browser could it create conflicts with the original?

    - last thing, yesterday I have started to install some apps basically to download free music, at least 10 of them, because I like search for rare songs and in these way I have more sources
    but this morning the telephone seems slower, and a couple of apps haven't closed correctly.
    Is it possible take a virus from apps downloaded from the android market? is there an antivirus app in this case? Or an app like ccleaner for windows to clean sometimes the system?
    To don't have all these downloading programs, could you suggest me the best 2 or 3 where i can find almost everything?

    Thanks you all guys
    for your patience and kindness

  10. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    227/290 is your ram usage indicator, it says that you are currently using 227mb of ram out of available 290. Clear memory buttons shuts down the non essential apps, it says caution because if you are working on a word file or surfing the net or anything, hitting that button would close these apps and you will loose your work, so its suggested to save your work or finish your work before clearing the memory. On clearing it should show 160/290 or similar, depends on how many non essential apps were running in the background before clearing.
    Its not anything risky but it should not be done regularly, only when your phone feels extremely slow or when the indicator shows near to 290mb ram in use. Ram usage means your cpu is working on an app continously, and that means using battery. You can see the running apps in settings>applications?manage app>running apps.

    Some people have tried porting HD games to ace and similar tricks to play them, most of them are successful in running the games but the games always have problems, they lag, shut down randomly, force close etc. There are very few games that people have been able to port with absolute success. These games don't work because of limited hardware, and thats not gonna change by software tweaks. Search on internet for ported apps and stuff and try them, see how they work for you. I am not much of a gamer but i have played angry birds, nfs shift, age of empire etc. Look into play store there are tons of games available for non HD phones.

    High capacity batteries are easily available, samsung gives us a 1350mah battery, you can easily get a 2000mah+ battery in the market, given that its voltage, amperes, size and other specs match the samsung one so that you can be sure it will fit the case and won't be harmful. Look in xda, there are many high capacity battery users, they will guide you better.

    File manager is your sd card browsers, the 'My Files' app on your phone. There are many similar apps on play store that you can use, and they are much more feature rich than this. All these contacts, My files, Calender etc are just apps only, there are always alternatives available in the market. Try those i said before, i use solid explorer, its pretty good.

    When phone becomes slow, do a reboot, that turns off extra apps and get back to essentials only, don't use app that need to run in the background.
    Always read the permissions an app wants when you download it, for example a simple game application should not be asking permissions for contacts, messages or accounts permissions, if it is asking that means there is something bad with that app, don't install it. Make sure the app is developed by a reputed developer and not some random unknown guy/organisation. Otherwise there are no such viruses in android. Only your common sense can keep your phone safe. There are antivirus apps available, but they are more or less useless, they just run in the background and consume unnecessary ram and battery.
  11. akashshah

    akashshah Active Member

    ayush29 plez help root manager issue?
  12. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    i gave you the procedure already, just install the file like i said.
  13. akashshah

    akashshah Active Member

    sry fr dt bt i hv dne dt n installed root expmorer bt its getting forceclose.....nt gting open.....
  14. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    You need to manually place play on the system/app folder with permissions set to RW-R-R
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  15. slimchance

    slimchance Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can change permissions using Root Manager without having rooted your phone.

    What you can do is go to Settings > Applications and check 'Unknown Sources', place the .apk file on your sd card then, using a file manager, click on the .apk file and it will install it.
  16. akashshah

    akashshah Active Member

    thanks a lot...i have checked unknown sources in settings and its on...i have placed apk to sd card and it gt installed also bt still when.i go to open it it gets force close...

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