Root My first try at this whole shebang! Hehe.

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    Ok, love the concept of themeing my Droid, terrible at doing it myself. I have read countless posts, all FAQ's on everything, and just cannot grasp it. Not sure, guess I am a tool. Anywho, grabbed NinjaMorph, and have been playing around. First part, was Settings.apk

    **[Note]** The icons are not mine. I claim no credit whatsoever. They were found with a google search. I just like them. I have no problem giving credit to any of the designers of these icons. Again, I personally did not make these.

    Here is the result:
    This image is just to show the icon.

    Here is the front part of the settings options:

    If you would like to see the full image, not shrunk down, I have it here:

    Thoughts / Opinions / Criticisms [please]


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