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My G1 does not like SIM cardsGeneral

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  1. raubvogel

    raubvogel Member

    If I boot up this G1 without a SIM card, it boots up to the "emergency call only" screen as expected. Does not seem to want to pay attention at me when I tap the screen but at least it boots. :confused:

    If I put a SIM card, be it t-mobile (I tried 2) or AT&T, it will go as far as the G1 screen and then the screen will go black. Note these cards work fine with an iphone 2, Nokia E63, Blackberry Curve, and MyTouch 3G.

    Any clues of suggestions will be appreciated.

    On a side note, why can't I start it when I have a usb cable connected to it (and my computer)?


  2. sal2103

    sal2103 Active Member

    hmmm....i was having a problem today where my g1 just died on me and when tryin to switch on, the tmobile and android screen would appear but then just remain blank. Only way i found around it was by doing a system restore.

    to do a restore (u will lose any data and apps on the g1) turn off the phone then:

    hold the Home key and the End key for about 20 seconds, or until you see a “triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1″ on the display.

    then open up the QWERTY keyboard and hit “Alt+W” and it will then be restored to factory settings.

    hope helps
  3. raubvogel

    raubvogel Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I do not know if I am doing this wrong (I am pressing the home slightly before the power/end key), but I am not able to get the triangle with exclamation screen. Suggestions?
  4. sal2103

    sal2103 Active Member

  5. raubvogel

    raubvogel Member

    Update: I ended up cheating. I found another G1 with bad screen and swapped the motherboards. It seems to be working now (Need to get it registered with my Gmail account, but that is for another thread). I will probably get back to the old motherboard later once I can make the other G1 operational. So, this is not over yet... just postponed. :D
  6. jhop14

    jhop14 New Member

    I restarted my Google G1 phone to factory settings so i can start over fresh I already did the hold the Home key and the End key for about 20 secon. But when it get to the step where i have to create a new google account it keeps saying that they can not connect with Google's servers because there is a connection problem or its a problem with my SIM card. What do i do now?Please help me

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