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my g2 wont read all my music off my sd cardSupport

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  1. los913

    los913 New Member

    My g2 wont read all my songs off of my sd card i have roughly around 500 songs and its only showing 150 to 160 of the songs i called tmobile and they replaced the phone and it still isnt fixed so what i did is reformat the sd card and loaded all the music back on from my computer and still no luck it was working fine till one day my battery went dead and after that it didnt work any more i tried useing another sd card and still no luck all of the files are mp3s i would like to solve this problem because tmoible was no help in fixing it so maybe you guys can help me out thanks

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    sounds like a sd card problem not the phone.
  3. eschnit81

    eschnit81 Well-Known Member

    Are you rooted?
  4. los913

    los913 New Member

    Not sure what that means. Will that make a difference
  5. los913

    los913 New Member

    But I have already switched my sd card and I have even put mine in other phones like the side kick4g and it works fine in that but it will not just work in my phone
  6. Sparrow1989

    Sparrow1989 New Member

    Go to htc.com and look for latest driver and update for your phone.. Download the driver first, and make sure your phone can connect to your computer via usb. Then install the latest update, even if it says its up to date...connect your phone to the computer..and allow the update to complete...it should work, it did for me.. And I thought my phone had a problem

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