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  1. hwangmiyoung

    hwangmiyoung New Member

    so today i unmounted my SD card and read it on my computer. When i inserted it back in my mini and checked my apps, i lost so many of them. also when i checked gallery, it says "No SD Card detected". I tried to check My Files, and the apps and pics were totally fine and can be read.
    I tried to read the sd card in my computer and it's still fine.
    is the error in the mini or the card?? and how should i deal with it? i'm not a pro so i need your help :(

  2. galmin

    galmin Well-Known Member

    did you remove the card without ecejting it first?
    has it corrupted can you run chkdsk /f on it?
  3. yeon

    yeon New Member

    It will not working,i always remove the sd card wiithout ejecting them..nothing is happen.
    I buy the new 1 micro sd card,but still cant detect it on my sad.
  4. galmin

    galmin Well-Known Member

    you might have damaged the connecting pins, please remove the card and look into the sd slot check for bent/broken pins

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