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  1. ConfusedPaul

    ConfusedPaul New Member

    My beautiful, wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has stopped connecting to the Internet.

    It was fine last night before I went to sleep but this morning it doesn't work.

    I'm wondering if I could have accidentally changed a vital setting in my blundering before I turned it off last night.

    I don't think it's the network. I am with Three but my mobile broadband connects fine. To check further ~(because I hate their support) - I installed my back-up GiffGaff sim card and have gone through all the set-up and it still doesn't work.

    The easy stuff I've checked

    One Device options (the little menu that appears when you turn it off), Data network mode is activated.

    Flight mode is off

    It is set to receive mobile data on the pull down from the top.

    In settings - more settings for wireless & network - mobile networks - mobile data is on.

    What have I missed that needs checking?

    Of course I've turned all the way off and on again and used restart a number of times thinking that it might be an error in the way Android is booting-up.

    My new sim card seems to be working fine with calls and text messages but then so did the sim from Three.

  2. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    I've just replied to this on another thread. 3 UK are pushing out an improved stability update to the note 2, the problem is fixed. Install the update.
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  3. ConfusedPaul

    ConfusedPaul New Member

    Thanks Anne.
    It worked.

    I don't know how since I thought I had discounted Three screwing me up by trying Giffgaff as well.

    I just read your other reply and interestingly I wasn't getting the message "your sim will only work in your phone". I just wasn't able to connect to get emails or load web pages.

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