My galaxy s blaze 4 g has a persistent virus

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  1. hankusmaximus

    hankusmaximus Member

    I have a virus on my phone that likes to call hotlines and send hundreds of texts from my phone. I have soft and hard reset but its still there(I think I crippled it, not sure). It took over my Lookout and google play store and I don't know how to her rid of it. The virus presented me with fake screens in many apps on my phone, then it took over and whipped my contacts. Anybody know of an app that can eradicate something like this? Would also like to sterilize my sd card using only my phone since it would probably be to easy to use that took on my laptop. My love for tinkering will part me with my credit cards someday, but not today. Any guru input would be appreciated.

  2. hankusmaximus

    hankusmaximus Member

    At least my intro post did tel everyone a bit about me. I apologize, sometimes I don't see all the small print. It might be because of this 3.97 inch screen...
  3. olbriar

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    Hankusmaxamus.. I love your user name :) Dang that does sound like a nasty virus you have. It's likely attached to some app that you have to hang on such as it has.
    I'm sure a factory reset would rid you of your problems.. that and a format of the SD card. There might well be a far less painful path to follow however. I have no experience in virus protection or cleansing. I'm leaving you a link where the clever users of our site like to hang out and address issues such as yours. I hope someone has a brilliant solution so that you might once again enjoy your Android device.
    Thanks for joining and good luck.
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  4. hankusmaximus

    hankusmaximus Member

    Thanks you for the welcome and its glad to be back, used to come here a bit for outers and Androids, this is an amazing community whom I learn from everyone I come here
  5. DonB

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    Welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your issue, if your device with a FR did not resolve the issue, then I am stumped. I will direct you to your device forum for the proper support and see if anyone there knows where to direct you for proper support. Keep us posted as we will like to know what happens. you might have to flash your RUU

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    Hello and welcome aboard. :ciao:

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