My Galaxy S II won't turn off !Support

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  1. J.Rawand

    J.Rawand Member

    hey guys, these days my SG II faces a lot of problems, actually my galaxy s 2

    won't turn off, when I turn it off it will automatically turn itself on, and I don't

    know the reason or the cause of this problem.

    please can anyone give me a solution ?

    thank you.

  2. NotAnd

    NotAnd Member

    Do you have an issue where the phone believes it's always plugged in, ever get a popup saying battery voltage too high?

    I have this issue but only because I submerged my phone in apple juice. It's broken the USB connector slightly. Although everything works, the phone believes it's constantly plugged in. When turned off, it will either display the charging screen or just boot up randomly. I would say your choices are to clean the usb with rubbing alcohol or send off to insurance.

    One final thought, there is a piece of software called NoMoarPowah that can manipulate your Off/Charging screen. I wonder if someone has used this method to create a piece of malware, ensuring your phone is always on and sending data/texts?
  3. J.Rawand

    J.Rawand Member

    well actually when I switch it off it shows image of battery with a thermometer indicating a high temperature, right now my phone won't turn on , I will use alcohol like you said, I also buy a new battery because I think that it may be the battery's issue.

    thank you for the useful tips bro, I really appreciate it.
  4. Slocombe

    Slocombe New Member

    It's probably a dirty micro usb connector causing this issue.

    My phone was exhibiting the same problems, and I cleaned my connector with some alcohol and a strip of paper and it did the trick!

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