my galaxy s is giving me battery problemsGeneral

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  1. cosline owusu

    cosline owusu New Member

    it started three after i bought the phone.when i charge it to 100%,after making 2 or 3 calls or checking watsup messages the battery will just drain to about 70% and the phone heats up and if i continue to use it, indicates low battery within 10mins with 5% remaining and go off.when i switch it on again the battery will increase to about 80% and after about 15% the phone is off due to low wifi and bluetooth are off.i have changed the battery but still the problem is still persisting. please help me.what should i do?

  2. jc1843

    jc1843 Active Member

    go to setting---- apps--- running services. Stop all except settings and key pad. Also GPS. If that does not help-- you will need a new battery-- best place is Amazon.

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