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  1. Ils_supernova

    Ils_supernova Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    So Im a UK t-mobile user. I havent bothered rooting and wont do to be honest. anyway my question is what is the most recent update through Kies for my phone? Its currently on KG2 2.3.3 . . . .Everytime I plug into kies via USB it seems no update. . been like that for a long while in all respects??

    Is this the current update or is there a problems with Kies updating my phone??

    Thank you


  2. Sword Fish

    Sword Fish Well-Known Member

    The most recent update is 2.3.6 but it is upto the service providers to release newer firmware, something that is very lacking for Android phones. You can upgrade your firmware to newer versions without rooting your phone. I am like you and don't want to risk rooting my phone so I just upgrade the firmware using ODIN.
  3. Ils_supernova

    Ils_supernova Well-Known Member

    Oh right
    I didnt know that was possible with a root :confused:
    What is the best way to do this then?
    If you could help me please. . . .
    Would a official fireware be downloaded and safe??

    thank you
  4. Sword Fish

    Sword Fish Well-Known Member

    The first thing to do is go here and make sure you read and understand the instructions on how to flash your phone. If you follow these instructions to a tee, you shouldn't have any issues:

    [ROM+Guide]Official i9100 Firmwares KG, KH, KI1/2/3/4/8, KJ1/2/3, KK2/5 Download - xda-developers

    Then read this thread. It talks about the two versions of 2.3.6 that are available. There is also links to the firmware in here. KK2 is an official release that will be recognized by Kies and if somethign new comes out, you can use Kies to upgrade. KK5 is a newer version of 2.3.6 that has some customizations in it, therefore Kies can not upgrade this version. Kies will still allow you to connect to your phone and sync it, you just can't upgrade using Kies. Thats not that bad a thing though because you can run KK5 and then when you know there is a newer version, flash back to KK2 and then upgrade. Your choice.
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  5. atmasters

    atmasters Well-Known Member

    I was so tiered of waiting for Kies in Canada on the Bell network and am soooo happy I updated threw Ordin. It was so easy after I read and re read the post. It took about 5 min and now my phone rocks again. For me it was the battery life. I am now getting well over 12 hours of heavy use I am sure I can get 24 hours if I did not use the internet so much and play games. I am using the KK5 2.3.6. It looks just as easy to get back to stock if I have to and I like this option because I did not want to root my phone ether. no real need to root for me anyways.

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