My Galaxy S3 Battery Life Sucks Please Help! 15% After Only 7 Hours.Support

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  1. zak9494

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    My Galaxy S3 Battery Life Sucks Please Help! 15% After Only 7 Hours.

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  2. rcsrich

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  3. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    What brightness level do you have your screen set to? This is taking up the second most battery power. How often is your email checking for new mail?

    I would recommend turning off the power saving mode. I get better battery life without it on.

    Even a couple minutes of GPS can be a big battery drain.

    EDIT: iPhones typically do get better battery life than Android. Partially because most Android phones have bigger displays.
  4. funkylogik

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  5. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    I just noticed you kill running apps. Let the OS do this. You are most likely killing apps that will just end up restarting themselves. This is why Task Killer apps are not needed anymore.
  6. Covart

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  7. Louee6

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    @Zak9494, Dude I think we all have the same problem with this phone. We need to remember this phone is darn near a mini pc and does applications constantly running and of course background apps. I sucked it up and went to amazon and didn't order extra batteries cause yes thats more crap you need to remember charging and then carrying on your persons waiting for that time to swap out. I went ahead and ordered a anker extended battery 4400mah. When I say this is THE BEST decision I could've made. Everyone has there own opinions about extended batteries, but i'll be the one to say I NEVER need to worry about battery life. Just a thought...
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  8. djw76

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    How do you disable the things you mentioned? I tried doing that and seemed to have messed stuff up. Lost some features (voice connect to google for voice typing and voice search. And a few other things. I ended up having to do a full wipe and reset of my S3 to restore) by trying to force stop/disable things. As well, slightly unrelated, some apps will not let me uninstall. Only uninstall any updates.
  9. edgie70

    edgie70 Well-Known Member

    I got about 30 hours from my s3 and even then had about 20% battery left , you don't need any battery saver apps at all , go settings , apps and disable what you don't want to use also go on Facebook click your bottom left touch key on your phone and set refresh interval to never , default is every hour , lower screen brightness , and pull the battery and see how that goes , but remember you don't need battery saver apps , I didn't !!!!
  10. quickaudi

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    Android System shouldn't be using that much battery.
  11. djw76

    djw76 Member

    Pardon my ignorance... I am going into App manager and I cannot see anything that says disable. If I tap on an app I see "Force Stop" but then I get warnings that other apps may stop working if I force stop. Again, I did that before and many things did stop working properly and ended up having to wipe and restart. Huge pain to say the least.
    Other issue is that I don't know what things I can stop and what things I shouldn't. The list isn't just the main apps that are installed, but rather those plus a whole bunch of others
  12. brent22

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    I have a Galaxy S III that has worked great for 6 months. Suddenly battery started draining like crazy. It would be dead in about 6 hours with no use.

    I did some troubleshooting on my own and with the help of Watchdog Lite, I discovered an interesting thing:

    What was happening was that the native Internet browser was suddenly launching (on its own) and moving data through the phone. I can

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