my galaxy s3 is not working after 4.3 update

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  1. Yesterday i have updated my galaxy s3 to jelly bean 4.3, after that my phone is not responding.

    late response from phone, keyboard is not displaying (always getting a message "unfortunately samsung keyboard has stopped").

    Taking more than 10sec for any action.

    is there any fix for it? Please advise how to uninstall 4.3.

  2. MISHI9630701

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    This is an odd one... had a friend who just had it happened to her. The keyboard crashed after this update and nothing she does works... resetting phone did nothing either. She cannot even get kies to do an emergency firmware recovery because the phone disconnects when she clicks on that particular option.
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  3. SolApathy

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    Hello and welcome to android Forums. My name is SolApathy & I will be assisting you with your question submitted through the guest “ask a question” service! We would like to welcome you to our forums; we look forward to assisting you today!

    Unfortunately this was a widely reported issue with that update and the only solution that worked consistently was a factory reset. Here are detailed instructions on backing up and performing a factory reset: Factory reset Galaxy S3

    I hope this answer has assisted you with your issue! Please note that if you have any questions you can easily resubmit another question using the same “ask a question feature” and one of our staff experts will quickly assist you. If you prefer to have an interactive response please feel free to register with android forums. It is free and we have a wonderful community that is dedicated to helping each other with any questions you may have!
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  4. MISHI9630701

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    Hey there... unfortunately in her case a factory reset did not work. I got her to do the reset in settings a few times and to no avail. She did a hard reset and the same issue as well: No keyboard. I let her try installing an apk for google keyboard and that also did not work.

    so unsure at this point what is the next option
  5. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    Next option is to take it to a store so they can manually re-install the update. Aside from that the only option would be to root the device and install a custom ROM or an older stock ROM.
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