My Galaxy s3 photos are visible to other GS3s without permissionGeneral

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  1. mplatin

    mplatin New Member

    I recently got a Verizon GS3, as did my coworker. I am NOT connected to wifi, but my coworker was able to see ALL my photos and albums. I have checked every setting that makes sense - turned file sharing off, made sure wifi is off, and disabled the special features (NFC, Android Beam, SBeam, Wifi-Direct, and switched off "Nearby Devices File Sharing").

    I'm petrified that anyone around me is now able to view my private items. any help would be appreciated.


  2. eetbum

    eetbum Member

    I have a rogers s3 on the way, and i do not like hearing this of all things ive heard so far.
    Anyone enlighten us?, i will only have one s3, so no testing for me when it gets here =(
  3. gtgirl88

    gtgirl88 Active Member

    try going to settings-wireless and networks-media share-nearby devices-uncheck file sharing. try that first then if still happening check further settings in the wireless and neworks.. that where i turned mine off at.

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