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General my GALAXYR dead

  1. galaxyrque

    galaxyrque New Member

    hello there,
    I bought Galaxy R in NEW DELHI, India a month ago. It once went off and couldn't turn it on and I then did the HARD RESET and it worked well. BUT 2 weeks later while I was browsing the web with OPERA mini it switched off.
    I then tried to switch it on, nothing(black screen).
    I tried to charge it, no response either.
    I tried the SOFT and HARD RESET, nothing happened.
    I tried to connect it to my PC, no connection, except that it gives a little sound when I hold the home+volume down and connect it.
    I am very worried, I cant get the warrant because I am now in Africa,ETHIOPIA.(I have no chance to go back to India).
    what can be the solution Please?

  2. EmoBoiix3

    EmoBoiix3 Active Member

    It is a faulty motherboard, and it must have entered APX Mode by itself.

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