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My htc desire will not install apps!!!Support (Browse All)

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  1. Utchie1234

    Utchie1234 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 20, 2010
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    I have had my Desire for 3 months now, worked perfectly for weeks, I followed instructions on here to be able to install apps to SD card (a noobs guide), and it worked then too. Recently, it has become very tepremental, sometimes it will let me install apps. It downloads then ok, but won't install. I have seen a few guys in phone shops, they suggest 'flashing' the phone, costing around

  2. Lethal_1

    Lethal_1 Member

    Jun 13, 2010
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    Hmmm ...
    Hi there Utchie1234 & everyone else ...

    I was about to start a new thread, but this post came up in the search.!

    I've just had this happen to me now, & I'm slowly running out of idea's.?

    I have a rooted Htc Desire, I'm running LeeDroid v2.3b, 2 weeks so far, now I have probs.?

    I've already done a Nandroid Backup, re-flashed the LeeDroid ROM, & it seems nothing has changed.?

    Does anyone know how to fix this.? - What have I done.?
    - Has this happened to anyone else.? - Anyone got idea's on fixing this.??

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