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My HTC Incredible is broken

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  1. Jonnay0808

    Jonnay0808 Well-Known Member

    My HTC Incredible recently totally broke. When I turn it on, it freezes, at the red eye screen and then goes back to the HTC logo and loops forever. Is there a way I can totally reformat my phone and install a rom from the SD or via USB?

  2. SprintTechJosh

    SprintTechJosh Well-Known Member

  3. Jonnay0808

    Jonnay0808 Well-Known Member

    still doing the same thing
  4. Jonnay0808

    Jonnay0808 Well-Known Member

    I think my files are totally corrupt. I'm trying to boot from an SD card but i get stuck when I'm trying to clear the cache. I click it with the power and it stays at the screen that looks like rom manager and it does nothing from there. If I click the power again it goes back to the previous screen.

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