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My HTC Incredible S giving me problem!!!Support

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  1. star_devilyn

    star_devilyn Member

    I bought HTC Incredible S few days ago from one of the telecom here in Singapore, when the staff on the handset for me to check, everything was working fine but when i get back home I notice a small particle in the screen at the corner. Its not visible to see when the phone is on.

    So i went to HTC care centre, and they told me they will change a brand new set for me but I got to wait few days as this is a new model and the care centre doesn't have any stock for new handset.

    And today i went to collect a brand new set, i notice the capacitive light on the the search and back button to have a double layer light. When tilt it to landscape, the circular light is no longer there and everything is perfect. I told the staff regarding this issue and she told me its a common problem in HTC incredible S and she said its ok to ask for exchange if i reject the phone now. If its later its up to the technician or manager to decide whether I can opt to change for a new set. And she also told me there were customers she came across ask for a new set and still the same problem occur.

    I accept the phone since the light doesn't seem to bother me much as its not that visible under the light or during the day and I really need a smart phone for my school and work but while I'm on my way home its truly visible!! It starting to irritate me a lot now!!

    Tomorrow i shall go to HTC care and tell them that i paid to get this phone not getting it for free and whether its a common issue or not as far as I'm concern I didn't have this issue on my first handset and every forum or phone review site does not show this double layer light.

    It seems like HTC is doing a shoddy job on their handset.

  2. teddycow

    teddycow New Member

    woah! It's almost scary how similar your situation is to mine. As if I wrote your post myself.

    I bought my first Incredible S last Friday. It only took a couple of hours before I noticed a dead pixel, in the middle to the left.

    I did change it for a brand new one. And just as yours, the lights were very weak and had out of sync layers. Just as you noticed, no problems when titled to landscape.

    Lucky enough, I was able to change it once more. I just got my third phone yesterday, 3 incredible S in 3 days. HTC are losing their credibility. My third phone seems to be a very good copy. The lights are very bright, in sync and no dead pixels. The question is, for how long will it stay good? It's too bad, it's a good phone otherwise.

    It's a defect and you should pursue your right to change it! Nothing good could come out of out-of-sync layers, especially for a brand new phone. How will it look in a months time? Try to change it as soon as possible.

    The phone was bought in Sweden. I guess we will see more of these problems.
  3. star_devilyn

    star_devilyn Member

    Oh....I shall go to HTC after work and ask for change!
  4. SevenW

    SevenW Active Member

    I got my IS last Friday, changed from a Desire. No major problems so far only small gripe are the backlit buttons seem to shimmer, well the light output isn't constant. Doesn't really warrant a replacement, nothing else.
    Out the box it's fine, I bought the IS because I was sick of the Desire running out of memory and I can't understand the technical wizardry of custom ROMming for extra space.

    Good luck with your ISs.
  5. star_devilyn

    star_devilyn Member

    I already went to HTC care centre and they told me they will do a one to one exchange,since there are no stock I got to wait for few days then. I hope the new handset i be getting from them won't have any double layer light problem again!
    I'm so irritated that the staff keep telling me that it's a common issue?! I did not hear anything from HTC itself mentioning this problem!!!
  6. nardva

    nardva Well-Known Member

    I ran a across a few threads with people talking about the double layer light problem with the last 2 buttons. (Back and Search Button) It portrait mode it looks like the lights that turn on for landscape are not going all the way out which is giving that halo/glow effect.
  7. bonochromatic

    bonochromatic New Member

    Yup, I have the exact same problem. The landscape back and search button lights aren't turning off completely when in portrait mode, producing a very, very ugly problem in an otherwise beautiful phone. It's really disappointing since I've been hustling all week to get my hands on one of these. Looks like I'm going to have to make another trip down to the Digi Centre in Kuala Lumpur and see if I can convince them to exchange it...
  8. bonochromatic

    bonochromatic New Member

    So I convinced DIGI to give me a replacement for my HTC Incredible S with the Search and Back button defect. And guess what? The replacement had the same defect! :mad:

    Now DIGI is out of stock and I have to wait for a restock and PRAY that the replacement doesn't have the same problem.

    HTC, WTF? There's NO WAY that this problem just snuck past your quality control. Were you hoping that people wouldn't notice?!!
  9. nardva

    nardva Well-Known Member

    I wonder if they can fix the problem with a OTA software update. I'm thinking there is a set of instructions that tell the phone how bright or how dim the buttons should be when rotating from portrait to landscape. I wonder if the issue is specific to certain rom/region. Over at XDA they have several roms floating around from different regions/carriers.
  10. star_devilyn

    star_devilyn Member

    I receive a new set. So far its ok but the recent problem i have right now is the ambient sensor light keep blinking red during a call. Before this i never see this blinking red light. It only started just a while ago. Does you guys have red light blinking on the ambient sensor?
  11. nardva

    nardva Well-Known Member

    I don't see the light during web surfing or playing games on the phone but I see it while making calls.
  12. star_devilyn

    star_devilyn Member

    So its perfectly ok to have it?
  13. star_devilyn

    star_devilyn Member

    U should email them and complain with a pic shot of it. That what i did
  14. nardva

    nardva Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't look at it as a defective unit. From what I observed on my phone it's perfectly normal for the light to behave that way. The light comes on during a call to detect if your face is by the phone. If so the screen shuts off to preserve battery.
  15. sak4ve

    sak4ve Member

    Hi all,

    I'm planning to buy this mobile.
    I want to know abt few things.Hope u wil tell me.!
    1)How is Sound in Incredible S(while calling..Listening to music..and loud speaker)
    2) Still the light problem persist in search and back buttons.?
    3) How abt the battery life?

    I'm going to buy my 1st smart phone in my life. So i need it the perfect one for me.
    If u have any other choice also suggest me.

    With thanks
  16. sak4ve

    sak4ve Member

    No reply for me..???? :(

    I'm waiting..!

    Helloo pls someone help me..!
  17. mynameisjj

    mynameisjj Member

    Hi Sak4ve,

    The Incredible S has :-

    1) Great sound quality
    2) Nothing for me as yet, I got the phone a week ago
    3) Battery life is sufficient for me and I'm a very heavy user....

    Go for it if this is your first smartphone, no regrets so far for me....and i've used plenty of smartphones...
  18. xenolith

    xenolith New Member

    I just purchased an Incredible S in India and I have the same problem. The manufacturing date is that of March 2011. Would you know if there has been any further update regarding this issue? Or is it region specific like you mentioned (based on the ROM). And would an update resolve it. I spoke to the customer care center here and they said its a normal thing. However, I'm aware of the normal behavior where the search key seems brighter than the rest, however in my case the problem is just like what @bonochromatic has mentioned - ie. lights being very very bright in portrait mode giving it a mixed button effect.

    Kindly let me know .. would appreciate any help..

  19. 0168475686

    0168475686 New Member

    Hi, i bought my IS in (malaysia) may 2011 and the battery lasted for a month, sent it back for repair, unfortunately, it went missing and i was given another set and the battery just went dead three days ago...

    i'm wondering if anyone here has charging/battery issue....

    should i get a new battery or what?:confused:
  20. beermatt

    beermatt New Member

    1/ I find the loudspeaker is terrible. My previous phone (Motorola Milestone) the loudspeaker was actually loud, the Incredible S is really quiet I can hardly hear it if there's any mild background noise.
  21. 9pagod

    9pagod New Member

    My friend helped me to buy an Incredible S in Singapore in Jan 2012. I have 3 bad things with my Incridble:
    1. The bottom left coner is with a click when squeeze the cover
    2. The calling functionality is bad especially when the signal is weak. Last Tet holiday (new year holiday in Vietnam), I almost insane with my phone as I could'nt make phone call and no one can call me.
    3. The sound is very bad. At maximum sound level when listerning to music the sound is quiet

      I'm waiting for Icecream Sandwich with hope that this might help me solve the last two problems

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