My i1 and Movies or lack of....Support

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  1. BloodWolf

    BloodWolf New Member

    Is there anyone out there that has found a way to Actually Watch movies on their i1? Or am I forever stuck not able to do this?

    I have downloaded several apps from the Store, NOTHING works.


  2. edubble79

    edubble79 Active Member

    depends what type of video file you are attempting to play, I believe the only video files 1.5 moto i1 has built in codec to play are
  3. hobobumguy

    hobobumguy New Member

    I just transfer mp4 videos from computer to the i1 and have had no problems playing them, I use miro video converter to convert avi to mp4
  4. BloodWolf

    BloodWolf New Member

    How can I transfer WMV to mp4? Any help?
  5. BloodWolf

    BloodWolf New Member

    Thanks, Will try that program.

  6. BloodWolf

    BloodWolf New Member

    Program wont do WMV to MP4 format, its a mess when I try.

  7. Ariana386

    Ariana386 New Member

    I have RealPlayer, and it allows u to convert btwn a lot of diff formats--I convert everything to m4v and it will play on my i1,no problem.. :)
  8. Mike525

    Mike525 Well-Known Member

    I use QQ player it works great. I had to try alot of apps before I got one that worked with everything... (its hard to find apps for android 1.5 :mad:)

    Wow LOL, didn't see this was a year old!!!

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