My Inspire has not received the new update

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  1. greta123

    greta123 New Member

    I know that the HTC inspire is getting a sense 3.0 update, which was released nearly a week ago now. I have not received mine yet. I keep checking for updates and get nothing every time. Should I keep waiting? Id rather not update the phone manually.

  2. 00smurf

    00smurf Well-Known Member

    Personally I feel the update degrades the phone battery life with the task manager added in goes down drastically p, the hand off between Wi-Fi and mobile network is slow and data connectivity is lost till a restart is completed. And dialing calls, I have to dial a call twice to get it to go through, the phone disconnects immediatelybsfter dialing he first without any ring/disl-tone.

    My 2 cents in the update and YMMV

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  3. xxkid123

    xxkid123 Well-Known Member

    I got the last update (upgrade to GB) 2 weeks after ATT first rolled it out. Just give it some time.
  4. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    I did too and I like it. :)
  5. lgbell

    lgbell New Member

    The latest software number according to AT&T is 3.20.502.52 with HTC Sense version 3.0.

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