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  1. I have an LG Optimus T and I have 14 additional apps on it (9 of which are on my SD card). But now whenever I do updates for all my apps, I keep getting a notification in the notification bar saying that my phone's internal memory is "low on space". What can I do if some of the apps that are being updated can't be moved to my SD card?

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    Your phone has 170 MB of internal memory so it's pretty normal that you run out of memory quickly, try to move more applications to the sdcard, at least the most used (the browser and gmail app). Apps create cache which takes a lot of space.

    Another thing you can do is to install 'Cosmos ...' which cleans you phone cache - among other things, see this: Cosmos: 3-in-1 system and performance optimization for Android
  3. That makes sense. I downloaded another Cache cleaner (thanks to you:]) and deleted some files and now there's more memory. Thank you for your help:]
  4. Hoib

    Hoib Member

    Hope you are still monitoring this thread. I face the same issue here. And I'd love to be able to move gMail and Browser to the SD card. I cannot because these are pre-installed apps by t-Mobile. There's no way to move those -unless- you root your phone, right?

    It's funny but about 8 weeks ago, I had to do a factory reset. I imported by backed up data and after all was said and done, I was surprised to see 103mB of Phone Space available. I thought, "Hey, this is great!". I did not install additional apps but waited a while because I didn't trust it. And, gradually over time, the Phone Space (internal mem) decreased a bit when I checked it. And now it seems to hover at about 40mB. I use Android Assistant which does the same types of things that Cosmos does (I think).

    So, without me installing everything else, "something" in the phone chewed up about 60mB and I don't know what did or when it did it or how to reclaim it (except by doing another factory reset?)

  5. axe1313

    axe1313 Member

    having same issue. had 32g sd card. apps moved to card. still cant install apps, because it says i do not have room. ????
  6. Hoib

    Hoib Member

    Hi axe - I wish I (we) could get an answer. I'm particularly perturbed by the fact that one day I had over 100mB of Phone space and a week or so later, without me installing -anything- else, phone space gradually depleted/lost over 70-80mB of space. Where'd it go? Can I get it back? Did the factory reset do this? And if so, it looks like I have to do it again? And then only to suffer the same depletion? Why was it reporting 103mB? Was that somehow a false report?

    This is still a mystery, as yet, unsolved...

  7. Hoib

    Hoib Member

    I have recovered quite a bit of phone space but I had to sacrifice. I did go in to Staples which has a T-Mobile franchise. The sales person was quite nice and showed me this. I don't use FaceBook. I don't use Twitter. Both of those are pre-installed and can't be uninstalled. But what you can do is uninstall the updates. Updates incrementally take more and more space as they get applied. I uninstalled updates for FaceBook and Twitter. This dropped the space used considerably. And now the device shows 65-70 mB free rather than 20-30 mB. If you try this, make sure you disable auto-updates otherwise auto-updates just applies the same updates and you've gained nothing.

    I never got back to the point of 103mB though and I did have to sacrifice some functionality (which I decided to never use anyway). If I decide to use, I can still use the "stock" app though it may be missing some updated features.

    I wish I could look at the memory/RAM/phone space directly. I'm sure I've got some files there that could be released. You have to be careful though because taking out a wrong file can be disasterous.


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