my iphone gave me bad karma...

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    May 25, 2012
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    HTC incredible. It's old. It works only on speaker... but its been around forever. I upgraded and decided to try the "iPhone" ))insert angelic sounds(( yeah, um I've had TWO iPhone stolen in THREE months. Your first reaction is either "stupid" or "that sucks" yeah well its both. Although when the people are professionals, its not quite so stupid. This last time, I was at WORK and one person distracted me while yhe oyher stole my phone.:( Drugs are bad people! Ugh! Stupid unrecovered addicts!! Both times I tracked the people down for the police with either gps video surveillance or both. I doubt I'll get anywhere. It even happened in the same town (and I don't live in this town...) I have insurance, but I am broke at the moment. I figure my iphones are cursed. Had my Droid from the beginning. Never lost it. That's my story. Oh and I'm a mom. Two girls and one 28yo husband.... so three kids total ;)

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Hello and welcome aboard, Jesishmoo. :)

    Thanks for joining the community. Here is a link to the where the other users of this phone love to hangout and share info among each other.

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