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My Job providing me with a Droid Pro

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  1. willdogs

    willdogs Well-Known Member

    Hi All

    I currently Carry a Blackberry (Work) and Droid Eris (Personal)

    I am a IT Engineer and my empolyer was looking for "Testers" to try our the Android OS (Specifically the new Droid Pro) in lieu of a Blackberry and I was quick to volunteer since I already experience with Android.

    Looking forward to it and visiting this part of the forums :D

    I should have it by tomorrow, if not early next week.

    I am going to miss the Blackberry Messenger for sure, but i'm hoping that either KiK Messenger with hold me over.

  2. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure many people are interested in how the new security features of the Droid Pro stack up to expectations. Look forward to hearing how your testing goes. I'm "that guy" in our company that is always convincing others to get new devices, and for years it was BB this or BB that, and now it's Android for me, and I've already convinced at least 5 people to switch and only one has decided to switch back to BB. I imagine it will be even easier for BB users to switch with the DP on the market. The physical keyboard is what kept me from jumping until this past summer, when I couldn't resist any longer.
  3. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    willdogs - you get your droid yet?

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