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  1. djb28

    djb28 Well-Known Member

    I do not think there is anything left to accomplish by going to the Verizone Store and playing with Phones on a string. I have decided after today that i will be getting the Fascinate over the Droid. I do have a couple concerns still.

    The Blueish tint on the screen of the SF. I didnt check to see if the brightness was down to low. Is this the reason for the tint?

    Also, the updates. I know everyone is waiting. But i couldnt get an answer at the store either. That bothers me that they can not tell me anything of the phones their company promotes.

    The deciding factor on the the choice not to go with the droid. It was just a little too big for me. The whites seemed to wash out on many things. From online to vids and pics. detail seemed to get lost somehow.

    And the sound. Especially on the 720P vids. I watched many vids on you tube with the X and all the sound quality on these videos suck. They are tinty and sound very distant. The SF is in your face and clear!

    That is about it. If any one can shed some light that would be great. Also would like to know, how many here made the switch from Droid to Fascinate. What was the deciding factor for you?

    Thanks. I like the forums here.

  2. greenmunky

    greenmunky Well-Known Member

    I'm in the same boat as you are... my wife and I are upgrading tomorrow and have been going back and forth between the Fascinate and the Droid X.

    The Fascinate has the superior screen and is much smoother out of the box but the Droid has been much easier to develop for despite the bootloader locking that Motorola implemented... and I don't want to support a company that tries to prevent user development.

    I guess I'll make up my mind after playing a little more tomorrow afternoon... seems both devices have their pros and cons.
  3. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    the bluish tint may be annoying at first, but honestly after the first week of having the phone it just became normal to me :)

    as for youtube quality, you may have been watching it on lq on the droid x...i had the x and it was just as good as the fascinate when it came to general though the fascinate is better with ripped dvds and other videos.

    ive had the droid x, incredible, and now the fascinate....imo the x was the best "phone" of the 3 and the best out of the box. the incredible is good out of the box, and good rooted but the screen was just too small for me....the fascinate isnt very good out of the box...relative to those 2 phones....i mean its good, but when you compare the performance unrooted, it falls behind

    however, if you root and run custom kernels for the fascinate...performance improves dramatically and puts it (even on 2.1) on par with the droid x and nudges past the droid incredible (even rooted).

    you wont get an answer on updates from the store...and even if you do its probably an outright lie or misinformation...really the best educated guess for 2.2 is sometime in january....hopefully we will get a leaked version before that.

    currently we have a leaked version of the now scrapped dj05 update that fixes gps and a few other looks like verizon may still release an ota of an updated version (dl09) but again...we ll have to see :eek:

    the droid x is a great phone...but i left motorola specifically because of the ridiculousness of their attempt at device lockdown...i feel that i cant support a company that has such contempt for the small group of users who seek to go above and beyond what a stock, bloated device can do.

    to me motorola is the the "apple" of the android world...they want control of their devices and dont want them tinkered love nothing better than for them to fall on their faces...but alas i know they wont :eek:

    as for development...the x has peaked...they have various forms of blur and blurless roms...and overclocking....but on the stock kernel so its not ideal....they will have an aosp rom release....but it remains to be seen how good it really is

    for the fascinate...we have a smaller group of devs...but they are freaking great and really dedicated....they certainly make the most out of what they are given software wise :)
  4. alnova1

    alnova1 Well-Known Member

    I had an X before I went to the Fascinate and I liked it. I think its just a matter of what you like better. There are things that are good on both phones. Having said that, if I couldn't root the Fascinate and get rid of the crap I would have stuck with the X. The Fascinate is much faster now rooted and running custom roms. People talk about how the Fascinate feels cheap...I like the feel of phone doesn't have to feel like a brick in my hand to prove the build quality. I don't think you will go wrong with the fascinate but I would recommend rooting if your comfortable with that.
  5. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    the x does feel really solid...i almost never used a case with it because it so solid. but really with my fascinate in a gel case im nothing but happy with it.

    and the fact that i can comfortably use it one handed, which i couldnt with my x (and no i dont have small hands) makes it that much better :)
  6. djb28

    djb28 Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. Sorry if i made you answer things that have been asked before. I read the forums a lot. Just like to get a fresh response from others too. I did not mean the video through the phone itself. But loaded vids taken with the Droid, That were up loaded to you tube. The sound quality is disturbingly bad. Have a listen and compare the two phones uploaded videos. BIG difference.

    And as for the root. I am okay with doing it and i probably will. I will be reading through the posts closely so i do not mess it up!
  7. noroth

    noroth Well-Known Member

    Glad you came looking for answers! As long as you keep reading, I think you will be 100% happy with your fascinate.. ok maybe like 98%.. but whatever =D

    btw: your name looks like a verizon ota update lable... lol
  8. miyooper

    miyooper Well-Known Member

    I didn't realize we had a bluish tint. Not something I ever noticed. One of the things that surprised me about coming from a phone with a keyboard was how easy it was to type with one thumb because of the phone size that fits well in my palm and Swype. It's really nice for a quick text or email.
  9. GabrielRayven

    GabrielRayven Well-Known Member

    I love my Fascinate, dont get me wrong. But knowing what I know now, I would have stayed with my Droid 1 instead of upgrading. Waiting all over again for 2.2 sucks. It really does. And getting your hopes up for "Official" release dates just to be let down again and again sucks even more.

    I have had no issues with the phone itself, and out of the box it did more than I thought it would. It comes with Flash lite, but it is not true Flash 10.1. There are some issues that 2.2 will fix, but man that wait will kill ya. For me, I was told that it was a 2.2 phone and all I had to do was hook it to my comp, and download the update from Samsung. Joke was on me. I took the phone back and they didnt have the Pro or Droid 2. So... Looks like me and the Fascinate are becoming really good friends.

    So, with that said. If you are willing to wait for 2.2, then I would say go for the Fascinate. It is a fantastic phone with an amazing hardware system inside it. If not, looks like one of the Droids would be a better option for you.
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  10. djb28

    djb28 Well-Known Member

    I just ordered it tonight. Be here on Tuesday. So for me, The wait will not be so bad. That is if it comes out with in the next month!
  11. GabrielRayven

    GabrielRayven Well-Known Member

    The Fascinate is an amazing phone and I hope you enjoy it!
  12. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    Yes it is. Just hang around here and we will have you all set up how you want to be :D

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