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  1. GnatGoSplat

    GnatGoSplat Well-Known Member

    My lock screen no longer works. I didn't install anything new or change any settings, it just decided to quit working. If the phone is on and I press power, it just turns the screen off. If the phone is off and I press power, it just wakes back to the home screen. I don't see any trace of the lock screen at all. I've confirmed it's still enabled. I tried changing it to a different style (pattern instead of swipe), that didn't fix it. I have obviously tried rebooting the phone which didn't fix it. I tried booting into Safe Mode. It doesn't work in that mode either.

    This is actually the 2nd time this has happened since I've owned the phone. The first time, I couldn't figure out how to fix it so I did a factory reset and that fixed it. I would REEEEEALLY like to avoid having to do a factory reset.

  2. GnatGoSplat

    GnatGoSplat Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one that ever had this problem?
    Got sick of not having the lock screen so I broke down and did another factory reset to fix it, so this is fixed now, but it was a huge PITA setting everything back up.
    Sure would be nice if there were a solution to this problem I could try next time it happens.

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