My mac does not recognize my Droid!

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  1. Dawn EM

    Dawn EM New Member

    I need help! :confused: I just got this phone, and connected it to my Mac. No icon or anything shows up on my computer. When I look at the USB port in System Profiler, I can see the phone is listed there. Does anyone know how to make the computer show the phone?

    I run Mac OSX, 10.5.8. Thanks~

  2. schtip8bit

    schtip8bit Well-Known Member

    Only thing i could say which you have possible already done:

    Go into settings> Connect to PC > Default connection type > Disk drive

    i have 10.6.3
  3. Dawn EM

    Dawn EM New Member

    Thank you for responding. When I go to settings on my phone, there is no menu item that lets me "connect to PC"...

    Is there software I need to install on my Mac to get it to recognize my HTC Android phone? Does anyone know - or could you post the link for me? Thanks in advance!!!
  4. tmzbeme

    tmzbeme Well-Known Member

    you have to open the notifications bar on your phone and connect from there, then after you eject the disk from your pc, then disconnect from the notications bar on your phone
  5. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Before this, make sure USB Debugging is enabled.

    Menu>Setting>Applications>Development>USB Debugging(make sure its checked on)
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  6. sirena.alex

    sirena.alex New Member

    To IOWA

    It was very nice info. Thanks for sharing ....:)
  7. neenasen

    neenasen Member

    I need help - I have a 60gig Video iPod (1st generation) which, after I recently had to re-build my system stopped being recognised - I get a "The USB device has malfunctioned" error message, and the iPod is listed in Windows as a "unknown device". Connecting it to a Mac also does nothing.

    Running the iPod updater on mac or windows does not recognise the iPod, so that does nto help either...
  8. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    This isn't an ipod help forum... LOL
  9. FastEddy

    FastEddy Member

    Go to your home page on your 'droid. Pull down the crossing bar at the very top and select "USB Select" to (re)activate your USB sync connection ... (I just got a new one and I have had to (re)activate several times already.)

    I still can't find a decent, simple app for either Mac or 'Droid to sync my Address Book ... anyone? ... anyone?
  10. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Macs and Androids aren't playing very well, yet. Give it time.

    But anything that's closed like Apple products, it's going to need ALOT of time.
  11. Jammy

    Jammy Well-Known Member

    In what sense do you mean that OS X is closed?
  12. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Well osx isn't that bad, but the other "i" stuff. Like their calender etc. Same can be said about microsoft stuff, but people are building apps for them.

    Tapatalk. Samsung Moment. Yep.
  13. ozymandias04

    ozymandias04 New Member

    So I am running into another problem. I turned the USB debugging off, plugged it into the computer and the US icon does not show up. However, it does indicate that it is charging.

    The Mac is fully updated except for a beefy security update, but I checked and it does not have to do much with drivers.

    I am running OSX 10.5.8
  14. antron007

    antron007 Active Member

    Well when you graduate you can buy a PC like the rest of the grown ups.

    Sorry I just hate Macs. Unless you plan on making professional music or video for money like a job or to start a business you're wasting your money my limiting yourself to the apple cart.

    Just my opinion. Been a computer owner since 1986. Anyone else old enough to remember commodore?

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  15. stalkythefish

    stalkythefish Member

    There is a free app store app called "Mount USB" that mounts up my N1 fine on my Mac. Just tap it and boom, (whoomp?) there it is.
  16. balders

    balders Well-Known Member

    using a macbook pro with desire and it works fine.

    mail, contacts and calendar all sync seamlessly with my gmail account and thus with my phone.

    Use Dropbox for accessing files between mac/phone/others

    iSyncr to sync itunes playlists to phone. Found that one to be the best for me, looked at doubletwist and itunes sync.

    Everything you can do on a pc you can do on a mac (and still no viruses yet) mac even lets me have windows on it, shock horror!

    The whole 'i hate Macs because i do' argument has been done to death, they are machines that do jobs.
  17. antron007

    antron007 Active Member

    While I won't argue that they are machines that do jobs and as I said as far as pro audio/video... ahh I hate it but I'll say it, the are hands down the best.

    As far as do everything pc's do, that's only because microsoft is always bailing appel out to avoid becoming a monopoly. ...

    Appels going under in the 90s... bill gates buys them or at least the controling share to keep them alive. Couple years ago apple about to go under because of the .doc format.... MS sells them rights to office protocols.

    Until the ipod and now iphone apple has been like sour grapes dying on the vine. If they didn't donate so many of them to schools and production companies we wouldn't know they exsist.

    As far as viruses go... who'd waste time writing a virus for a platform no one uses as a backbone. Does appel even make a server. Mac OSes are unix/linux if it was worth the effort some one would infect them quick as could be.

    And on a side note. Itunes blows. Chuncks.

    I'm not trying to make this a hate mac thread so please keep trying to help the OP. Sorry to rant.

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  18. Vulcan

    Vulcan Well-Known Member

    its called get a pc or even load win7 in a partition or stand alone or if your a sole apple person get linux ? :) that's just my opinion i have a mac with win 7 osx and linux all partitioned and in a triple boot
  19. Loulouze

    Loulouze New Member

    Same problem for me: My Mac Book Air doesn't recognize my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3).

    Here is what I have done so far:
    - Downloaded "Android File Transfer" on my Mac
    - Turned on "USB debugging" on my phone.

    And still, it's doesn't work. Again the same message "No Android device found".

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you.

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