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My mesmerize diedSupport

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  1. BoppinMidge

    BoppinMidge Active Member

    I was sitting down, with my phone on my knee and it feel from there to the ground and the screen turned off, but the buttons were still glowing. I tried locking/unlocking and turning it off and nothing worked, so I popped the battery our and put it back in and now not even the buttons glow. I missed the service dept. at US Cellular by 5 minutes so I'm waiting for tomorrow. anyone know whats going on with it or how to fix it? plugging it in (wall or computer) doesnt do anything either


  2. BoppinMidge

    BoppinMidge Active Member

    small update, i went back to uscc today and i was within the 30 day replacement so i got a new mesmerize, now i just cant remember my gmail information to log in/get my contacts back

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