My mmx a57 is now a paper weight. Launcher is missing. Showing blank screen.Support

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  1. Pranay2890

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    I rooted my mmx A57 then using Titanium Backup removed the inbuilt mmx apps, facebook. I replaced the launcher with the HOLO launcher and moved the contact storage and some inbuilt apps to SD card.

    Till this I haven't partitioned the SD, swapped or increased ram, but installed the link2SD, BusyBox, increase Ram apps and moved them to SD.

    When I restarted the phone, and some pop ups came like, Then the link2SD said that Superuser is not installed when I opened the Superuser app only Titanium Backup was visible and after some time the Task manager showed that the Superuser is on SD.

    Not a single app was working (from SD) and the system was giving me SD card failure error in navigation.

    After a reboot nothing was happening and then I made the mistake, I restored the phone by Factory Restore.

    Now the phone screen is blank and no launcher is installed in the phone and the phone is not responding to the Data cable with PC connection. Only USB Debugging is shown in the notification area.

    Could you please help me with the problem?:)

  2. vijju3

    vijju3 New Member

    If the mobile is having internet connection then it is possible to install some launcher. go to play on pc and try to install some launcher for example adw launcher, launcher pro, etc into ur mobile. when u signed into ur google account, it automatically shows ur device. click install on it. and after some period of time the google play will install launcher in ur phone. later take some necessary steps to avoid the problem
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  3. Pranay2890

    Pranay2890 New Member

    This is a better resolution I encountered. Thanks vijju3

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