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My mobile network won't work for HTC Inspire 4g

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  1. Cociorvan

    Cociorvan New Member

    I have a data plan for my phone but when I only have E connection i cant send or receive pictures and i cant browse the web. At first i thought it was because of AT&T but when I went to Chicago and got H+ everything worked fine and when i came back home with my E connection it stopped working again

  2. Cociorvan

    Cociorvan New Member

    My mobile internet recently stopped working when I am on EDGE connection. At first i thought my data plan was canceled but I went to Chicago and got H+ and everything started working again and when I got back home to EDGE it stopped. I have HTC sense 3.0 and and my android version is 2.3.5
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I would suggest calling AT&T because it sounds like it could be an issue on their end and not the device end.

    Please call them and tell us what happens.
  4. Viridian_Vixen

    Viridian_Vixen New Member

    I had this happen a few times recently. I called AT&T expecting a problem with it and they told me that my mobile network had gotten cut off somehow. They took me through the steps to repair it and my network started working again perfectly. There is an option under your settings>wireless & networks>mobile networks. Make sure that is clicked to connected. Otherwise I would recommend to call AT&T and ask what's up!

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