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  1. SageJaguar

    SageJaguar New Member

    Hello all. A few days ago I installed My Monster Rancher by Mobage. Having been a huge fan of the older games for the PS1 and 2 I just had to try it out. Unfortunately I haven't really been able to find much about the game at all. I just had a few questions and was curious to see if anybody here plays the game.

    Was just wondering how old monsters can get before freezing is necessary, how to use food to increase confidence in certain stats, how to directly add a mobage friend as a neighbor (not even sure if they've implemented that feature yet), so on and so forth.

    For those who are interested in trying it out, it takes a lot of style from MR2 but has A Lot of new goodies too.

    Many thanks!

  2. theat001

    theat001 New Member

    Keep in mind that this is all my interpretation/personal way of playing.

    The first question, when you have to freeze monsters. This is one that annoyed me for quite a bit, my onster would be 2 yrs old and retire. However the game informs you that if you train too hard, your monster will retire sooner, its in a text I saw while training. So personally I train until energy is about half, maybe feed the monster, keeping in mind when level will probably go up cuz if you overfeed you waste money. I usually feed the favorite food as they get a 5 energy bonus for it, unless a food is given in a misson. From what I noticed, the more a monster trusts you the better it'll train, so feeding also helps in this regard.

    For adding friends you should be able to under contacts neighbor, I think there's a drop down for contacts there or something.
  3. Jackel287

    Jackel287 New Member

    I have been searching for tips everywhere and couldn't find any so here are a few things that I Gabe figured out and may help you out. I have 5 monsters with all of their abilities in the thousands. :D first start by training a monster who is very strong in strength, Defense, and life. Only train these don't worry about the others because this is a process. Train and keep leveling up until about level 4, you do this by completing battles and getting money to buy potatoes to add energy to train to lvl up again until you can't anymore. This normally happens around lvl 4 or 5. Then (this is important) you must have a friend that has a high ranking monster with high attributes. Then combine you lvl 4 with their lvl 16? Ect. And you'll end up with a lvl 10 monster. And still only train the Strength defense and life still only these BECAUSE you will be training a second monster at the same time as the first one and you will do the same thing with it except you will be only training Speed, Intel. And skill. The same way you did the other one.

    God I hope you guys understand what I am saying.

    So overall you will have for example a golom ( this is what I used because I find it trains the best and has the longest career.) With very very high strength defense and life. And a porous or fairy (pirous or what ever it is best for this) with really really high skill, speed, and Intel. When these to reach the end of their Careers combine them together. BECAUSE

    When you combine a monster with another one of YOUROWN monsters they pretty much keep the ability levels. Unlike combining them with friends they lose a lot of ability.

    So when you combine these two you get a monster with high/moderate lvls in all areas starting out. Yay. Train all abilities the same until end of career. And save this monster for later. Repeat all of this again. And then combine the two monsters with all high attributes and you have a super monster. Yay. Ummm I know I know more and have a lot more tips but ill save those after I see if anyone sees this one. Bye all. *Marissa*
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  4. jalcantar86

    jalcantar86 New Member

    Has anyone noticed how to gain skills? Is it purely random? I noticed that you get some from defeating some boss monsters.

    There's also the question of freezing and combining, you loose most skills right?

    Third, i win Baby Spinach or Vitamins, but i can't find them under food? Where are they?!?! LOL

    Thanks in advance you guys
  5. BirdSpirit

    BirdSpirit Member

    I'm not sure about gaining skills, but to find you other items, you go to Menu --> Info --> Inventory --> Training. Took me a while to figure that out too. XD
  6. Jackel287

    Jackel287 New Member

    As far as losing some attribute point after combining ..... Yes you lose about half if your upper ranked and you combine with a friend...even if they are really high ranked with a lot of points. If your monster is lower ranked with nor alot of attribute points you'll gain about half. ON THE OTHER HAND. If you combine two of your own monsters you will keep 90 percent if what you have cause it normally will go inbetween the two numbers of each attribute. So if one of your monsters has 900 on power and another one of YOUR monsters has 1000 on power. Your combined monsters power will normally be around 950. Sfr for each of the others. It's a bit more time consuming but its the only way to get high levels. :eek:
  7. katybrittperry

    katybrittperry Active Member

    I am having problems at some areas too. I wanna have some new skills. Please help .lol. :) I love these game too! :)
  8. darkcrayonz

    darkcrayonz New Member

    to see the things you won go to menu -> info -> inventory
    feel free to see what you got everywhere but your vitamins are in training.
    find things faster by clicking owned because the "all" tab shows things you don't even have so you can get their info.
  9. jalcantar86

    jalcantar86 New Member

    I've noticed from my personal experiences that beating certain boss monsters generall gives a skill, so go repeat those missions where the boss is at the end.
    Some also gain through leveling up, but again i believe this is random also, and i believe the type of monster/stats.
  10. Mufkinpit

    Mufkinpit New Member

    Here are answers to some unanswered/partially-answered questions that were posted:

    You can acquire skills through completing adventures and levelling up your monsters. Also, when you combine your monster, many of its skills are retained. Always check for skills under the Info button to make sure you have them turned on.

    Retirement age varies by monster breed and training regimen. The exact mechanism is unclear to me at this time. From what I can tell, the harder you train, the shorter the lifespan. I think this mostly applies to the time period after your monster age sout of the Adult phase. If you continue to constantly train your monster when he is no longer an 'Adult,' he will need to retire at a younger age.

    Using food to increase your monster's attributes has its advantages and drawbacks. When you look at the Confidence it Attributes screen, you'll see 1-5 blue rectangles. Each rectangle represents 20 confidence points. You can have a maximum of 5 rectangles, for a max of 100 total points. The greater your monster's confidence in an attribute, the greater the attribute's increases will be each time you train it. Now, keeping the point system in mind, each basic food increases confidence in a particular attribute by 1 point. Each food correlates with a particular attribute. So if you want to increase a confidencein Intelligence by one block or rectangle, you'll have to buy 20 units of fish. Ten points will get you 1/2 of a block. Confidence blocks that you've gained through food show up as red. I'm fairly certain that there is no real increase in training abilities if you feed your pet less than the amount required to show up as an additional block or 1/2 block.

    The best way to increade confidences with food is to use the better kinds that you can only win or find in Adventures. I'm refering to item slike Mamou Milk. They increase confidences by significantly more points per unit.

    Let me know if any of that was unclear or if I forgot anything. Please forgive typos, as this was written on my tablet while trying to prevent my 8mo from falling on his face repeatedly.

    As a side note, I'm currently close to completing a spreadsheet of all of the currently known breeds and their combinations (I'm a huge nerd, I know). Is that something any of you would find useful for me to post? I'm also considering making a spreadsheet of the adventures and their corresponding skill gains. Anyone think that would be worth doing?
  11. macrado

    macrado New Member

    I started gathering information like this myself, but eventually gave up. However, I would be very interested (and thankful!) to see this information.
  12. eejimus

    eejimus New Member

    The way I see it, there are two ways to play this game. I started out like Jackel experimenting with the mixes (didn't get as far as that) but then I killed a lot of my skills by trying out a lot of neighbors' breeds.

    I think it's initially best to try to beat the tournaments/quests for the bonuses, but if you want to try out all the breeds it's good to try out some basic breeds to snag Rares from friends

    Example: I wanted a Vega because mine misbred after December, so instead of using a dragon (5% chance of Vega) to snag it from a neighbor, I used a (wolf?, about 20% i think), which doesn't make a new breed. Within 3 tries it's not too hard.

    After you have the breed you want, if you want to continue on through the missions with it and keep it that breed (rare is hard to work with, ie Vega) make use of some of the Blank Discs you can win on Saturdays.

    ---Looking for a falco and a zan btw, if anybody knows when you get it
  13. eejimus

    eejimus New Member

    So i got falco and zan, so i feel accomplished. But heres an idea. Community faq:
    insert what info you find...

    Suezo - specs... moves... species... food... etc
    Color P
  14. kwronk85

    kwronk85 New Member

    I have taken the advice of not training my monster past half energy and feeding him every so often and letting him rest until hes full again. Well I decided that was a lot of downtime and have started sending them on 2 hour adventures to pass the time. Is this bad for life longevity or is it good to build stats and learn techniques as my monster rests??? I know it takes a few weeks for the monster to go on the adventure, but if I just leave him be does he still age without doing anything with him??
  15. Mufkinpit

    Mufkinpit New Member

    The monsters do not age unless you do something with them (ie battle, train, adventure). I, personally, do send my monsters on adventures during downtime. However, during the peak "Adult" phase, I do nothing but train. Even then, I only train when my monsters have been pet to maximize their training potential.
  16. kwronk85

    kwronk85 New Member

    Anyone know where a hare could get a power skill?? I have tried adventuring like crazy to find a boss but I can't find any. Maybe someone knows which boss on adventures gives power skill. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. kwronk85

    kwronk85 New Member

    Depending on your pet these places give the good techniques.
    Keep in mind you must have 100% completion rate on all zones in each adventure except polar for these to work each time....

    Tagi Jungle 30 min gives good Str, or Int skill.
    Torres Mountain 2 hour gives skill tech.
    Tugur Cave 4 hour gives life or def tech.

    Polar 30 min randomly gives speed tech.
    This is all I have wrote down so far. Hope it helps!
  18. Glimmervoid

    Glimmervoid New Member

    Hello fellow players, I've been lurking here for sometime now. This game is cool and I just want to join the conversation. Anybody here knows what particular area of valley of darkness can I obtain mystery disk of: Lilim? Bargest? Diabolos? Death Clown? Joker and Beretta? Thanks
  19. Eclipce100

    Eclipce100 New Member

    Hi I have a problem with my monster rancher. I would force close and clear the data to have multiple files and about 2 weeks ago its been wierd cuz if i push the option button on my phone the options come out in the middle of the screen instead if it coming out at the bottom. And when I start it it says preparing...connecting to network...launching... then it just says thet forever i dont know how to fix it can any one help.:confused:
  20. jalcantar86

    jalcantar86 New Member

    So these places so far offer techniques. ALL ADVENTURE PLACES MUST BE COMPLETED

    I would repeat Tagi Jungle at least several times befor doing the other ones, as can save adventure time.

    Tagi Jungle 30 min - i would say Tier 1 skills
    Torres Mountain 2 hr -
    Tugur Cave 4 hr - Tier 2 skills

    Pinole Mountain 30 min - randomly gives skills
    Pinole Mountain 6 hrs - gives Tier 2 skills

    In Pinole Mountain 6 hrs - My Pixie learned "STORM" SP Increase 40% but so did my GOLEM! He learned "Storm" which i thought was odd.
    Lava place? 30 min - randomly gives skills
    Beach place 30 min - randomly gives skills
  21. ministerswing

    ministerswing New Member

    I've made a My Monster Rancher Guide for all users out there. It's still under construction, but bear with me.

    The link to the website is provided below:
  22. I just started playing. Didn't even know existed until a friend post about it on facebook. I'm only 5 days in but like it so far.

    BTW anyone who plays create a monster I can combine with so I can complete that mission. Name on the game is sleepydumbdude

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