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My Motorola Droid won't play videoSupport

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  1. luckotheduck

    luckotheduck New Member

    I just keep getting the same message whenever I try and play video on my Droid..."Sorry this video cannot be played on this devise"

    It worked fine before the software upgrade.

    I have already done a factory reset and rebooted my phone multiple times, does anyone have any other suggestions>

  2. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Did you try reloading the video onto the phone?
  3. Hemorrdrhoid

    Hemorrdrhoid Well-Known Member

    Mine is doing this, too; with both the added movie files AND the files that I recorded using the Droid camera! That's the most annoying, frankly.

    I haven't hooked up to the laptop lately to move anything off and back on again, so it's still a mystery without an attempt at a solution.
  4. jfe

    jfe Well-Known Member

    I had that issue lots of times

    I rooted, set CM6, and playing with the SetCPU settings has worked

    That's the biggest gripe I have with the DROID, is the inconsistency of playing video files.
  5. JohnDa

    JohnDa Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue, but only with 3 of my many movies, all of which are mp4. Try RockPlayer - it plays my movies that wont play in any other app.
  6. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    You are probably playing a movie in an unsupported format. Getting RockPlayer is good advice.
  7. Droidmaniac

    Droidmaniac Active Member

    Also, are you talking about Youtube, or videos in general? If they are your own videos on youtube, make sure they are not set on "private".
  8. bleedGreen

    bleedGreen Well-Known Member

    I would like to know what is the best program to take the movies playing(on your PC) and transfer them to D1;2.2/2? ALso what is the average gig a movie will occupy, and I would want JUST to transfer the movie, NOT previews or extra stuff...just movie, so I can put more than "1" on my 14gig card?
  9. bugsmac9

    bugsmac9 Member

    I have the problem also. I called Verizon tech support yesterday. She wasn't much help, but she said she'd call me back today.
  10. dizzydeitz

    dizzydeitz New Member

    Mine was doing the same thing. All I did was pull the battery and now it works fine even on 3g.
  11. Pattinson

    Pattinson New Member

    I think perhaps your Motorola Droid doesn't support the video format, generallt speaking, you have to convert video to Android format like *.mp4.

    Just using a android video converter to convert videos to android. It helps
  12. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    +1 for Rockplayer. The Droid itself doesn't support that many formats/codecs. IIRC we also lost support for some audio formats with a recent update.

    Define exactly what you mean by "best". Handbrake works well but it might not be the simplest conversion app out there.

    There's no fixed ratio for the amount of video you get per GB. The codec, video length, compression settings and other settings (resolution/cropping/etc) will affect the amount of space used in the end.

    My video files have always played consistently.
  13. stevenpounders

    stevenpounders New Member

    Thanks dizzydeits! Your solution sounded too simple to be true, but ...

    I took out the droid battery, waited 10 seconds, reinserted, and it worked! The videos are all playing now.
  14. Jerzie

    Jerzie Well-Known Member

    Rock player is great! If u are into movies check these out.
    Ttorrent app found on market.
    The app allows u to find torrent files via btjunkie.org (I use all the time on pc)
    with RockPlayer installed u will be able to open the newly downloaded file.
    I also go to mobilevids.org
    u can dl movies that are already formatted for phone.
    much faster dl speeds

    My question:
    Is there a codec pack u can dl to the phone directly for vids so u don't have to use rockplayer?
    when going on certain sites I am unable to view content if codec is required.

    Droid x 2.3.340
  15. CCRDad

    CCRDad New Member

    Thanks! same for me, my droid 2 wouldn't play the .3gp video files it records and after pulling the battery for a minute problem resolved. :)

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